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November 21st 2013 1:16 pm

Are raw console specs important to you? (PS4 vs. Xbox One)

I've seen a lot of people saying things like, "the PS4 is way more powerful than the Xbox One. That means the games are going to be more awesome! Why would you ever want the Xbox One?!"

Does this really matter though? Sure, the PS4 is more powerful on paper (and I believe the PS3 was "more powerful" than the Xbox 360 as well). But I don't think that matters at the end of the day. Most developers are going to be creating games and content for the lowest common denominator (even if it's called a "next-gen" console).

So, Battlefield 5 or 6 or 7 will come out and it will run equally as well on the Xbox One as it does on the PS4. With how much AAA titles cost to develop these days (for example, GTA V reportedly cost $250 million to make), developers want them available on as many platforms as possible, with the least amount of work -- it makes the best sense for their checkbooks. (Yes, every now and then we see exclusives. But by and large, if a game is released on the PS4 vs the Xbox One, there's not going to be a significant difference.)

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"Most developers are going to be creating games and content for the lowest common denominator (even if it's called a "next-gen" console)."

Bingo. Games common to both platforms will be subject to this. Thus from that standpoint it doesn't matter what side you lie on.

This is why console exclusives are more important. Forza 5/6/7 or Gran Turismo 7/8? Want to play one of these? You have to pick the right console. Now I realize, as you said, exclusives are becoming a thing of the past (unless you live in Nintendo world), but with the basic gaming experience being the same on both PS4 and XB one, it really is a tangible thing to grab on to when deciding a console
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No, not all that important. Especially when you consider that the XBox one with its less impressive graphics specs has Microsoft's cloud system to leverage to compensate and more.

To me what matters is the following
1) Complete feature list
2) Can it play the same 3rd party games as the competition
3) Aesthetics of the console

I don't really care if one has a few less shaders then the other and I don't confuse consoles with gaming PCs either.
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Dave, I think that looking at the PS3 and Xbox 360 is extremely relevant in this case. If you look at the specs and the potential of the systems, the PS3 is almost twice as capable as the Xbox 360, but do you see a HUGE difference in the games? Not really. And on top of that like you mentioned, most games are cross platform and look almost exactly the same. The only difference you will ever see are on exclusive titles.

The thing with this new generation is that the difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One is much smaller than that of the PS3 vs. Xbox 360. So in essence I believe that the raw specs of the consoles are moot. So thus we must look more towards HOW the console's components are being utilized and how well the company behind the machine is supporting it and bringing in new content in the form of games or now even streaming and more!

Like I've said in another post, I am excited at the potential of this generation of consoles. I can't wait to see these new consoles be pushed to their peak potential but I know that it will take some time before that happens. As an early adopter, I hope I am sending Microsoft, Sony and all the developers know that I WANT TO SEE THE BEST THEY CAN OFFER!
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Dave, What I have noticed is that the PS4 has stronger graphical processing power and that is a good thing for the PS4. I do believe graphics are great and important to a game, only thing is, that is only one part of the experience. For example, I had the most fun with Gran Turismo 2 and 3, but hated Gran Turismo 5. GT5 was graphically superior but after that, it was still the same game that barely changed from the original GT series.

I bought the Xbox one over the PS4 because there is more to it then just playing games. It is strong enough to hang with the PS4, but it has extra features that aren't 100% game centric. With that aside, while I'm playing Battlefield 4 or NFS Rivals, I am immersed in so much action its hard to just stop and say... oh well this isn't native 1080p, my game sucks. It looks great and unless you are doing a side by side and pixel peeking, it would be hard to pick and choose which is better looking between the two. What these fanboys love to tout is the PS4 is (x amount) stronger then the xboxone. I think they are so focused on one aspect of the overall experience. They should look at the overall experience and if one system brings that experience to their doorstep then thats the right one for them.
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