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June 5th 2012 8:54 am

Are Ultrabooks already yesterday's news?

At the Computex trade show in Taiwan, Intel announced partnerships that will bring out 50 new Ultrabooks. And some PC makers have begun dropping netbooks from their lineups in favor of more powerful, and more expensive, ultras. But with manufacturers showing off tablets, hybrids, and other more unusual products, are Ultrabooks already yesterday's news -- or are these companies just looking to break out of the pack with gimmicky products that may never make it past the prototype stage?

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For me TVs are the next Desktops. AIO (all in ones) can be made into TVs with Windows 8 supporting all kinds of resolutions. Now is the time for TVs to have real operating systems that way we can use Window 8 and Xbox live to what our shows. In the future all cable boxes will be embedded into cards and TVs will be the next craze for gamers and PC makers. Samsung to me has a head start with their series 7 at 27" with HDTV turner.
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Dang... I forgot about the SmartTV thing. I agree.
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Ultrabooks are nice is a sense. I really dig my Chromebook, granted I got it for free but love the fact that all my files are cloud stored. If that Chromebook breaks, gets dropped, or eaten by badgers, ALL my software and files are simply in the cloud. Tablets are the replacements for Laptops, and Laptops are really the replacements for Desktops. I think that unless you are a PC Gamer... there really is NO need of a full-on Desktop anymore. Now the idea of a 21" Ultrabook to me at least is FRAKKING moronic. Hell, my 17" laptop was technically bigger than I needed and I bought it for watching films on. ;)
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Ultrabooks are a class of device that Intel created to "compete" with the Macbook Air. They are a gimmick. If PC makers wanted to compete with Apple on specs of light laptops they would have called them laptops.
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Technically the whole Macbook Air line is just a gimmick in themselves. It is a stripped down OR dumbed down laptop. Higher cost and less features of a standard laptop... OH, wait it is smaller so I guess the loss in features makes up for the smallness. ;)
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The difference is that the Macbook Air is for customers who do not want/need the full feature set of the Macbook Pro. PC makers already had that with lower spec'ed devices; they just didn't have the form factor, until the "ultrabook".
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give me a powerful chip & SSD in a skinny package (that wont overheat & underclock) & that's me new laptop....my main computing. Desktop is for HD editing & stuff I can let run 24/7 w/o interrupting workflow; its now overpowered for what I use it for

Tablet - ink screen with moving map = I'd have a need for them. Otherwise iPad for aviation & that's it for me
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