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May 25th 2012 7:07 am

Are you ready for Windows 8 tablets?

Reports are out that Dell will be coming out with at least one Windows 8-based tablet, with specs including a 10.1-inch display, 2GB of RAM, an SSD in capacities of up to 128GB, 8-hour battery life, and a weight of 1.5 pounds. While it may not be big news that this is coming -- Windows 8, after all, is designed to be touch-friendly, and we'll likely see a wave of tablets running the OS -- I'm at least a little excited about this. As much as I like Android and iOS tablets, I think there's still room for some models that can run desktop-strength applications. So far, the market for full-featured tablets has been limited to business users willing to pay for higher-end, heavier machines, but I'm still hoping that Windows 8 will usher in a new era of affordable, consumer-friendly versions. What do you think?


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I sure am ready. I have held off purchasing a personal tablet (I use many variations of Galaxy Tabs for work) just to wait for Windows 8 tablets.

Depending on how these devices work out, I really hope to be able to satisfy my want for a tablet and replace my aging Macbook Pro. If I can get a tablet with a high res screen, full OS functionality, and a dock station I would be one of the first to jump.

I did get the chance to play around with an early build of Windows 8 running on a tablet in October of last year and it was fantastic. Metro works well when the tiles are designed well. I haven't touched the consumer preview because I want to experience it on a tablet, not a desktop
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I'm ready and very excited about the upcoming Windows 8 tablet devices. OS itself is excellent. I hope we will see some solid hardware like ipad has. But unfortunately it is up to manufacturers :( not MS.
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MSFT needs to get it right so it works, and then the price: No more than $599.
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It isn't Microsoft that sets pricing. It is the manufacturer of the tablet. There will be cheaper ones, and more expensive ones based on the specs.

Dell leaked the Latitude 10 tablet today that will probably price around $500.

EDIT.. totally forgot that was referenced in the first post.
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Of course, you are right. But MSFT sets the price to OEMs for its software. That certainly is a consideration. I want badly to be able to purchase a Win 8 tablet, so I hope the price is reasonable.
Good article.
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I am totally ready. Will be getting a Nokia tablet most likely.
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I'll be first in line to buy a WOA tablet. Well, fist in line for a WOA tablet from Nokia actually.
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Ready - Yes, Ready to buy - No, at least not until it has a good selection of apps, ect.
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Apps? We are talking about a full desktop OS here. It will have compatibility for most applications that Windows 7 runs.. which is pretty much everything.

Windows 8 can jump right into primetime as an OS, and eventually more developers will make use of the touch platform.
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I'm not ready. What is a tablet anyways (LOL)?
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I need a Windows 8 tablet like I need a Windows phone. What "desktop-strength" app would benefit from being portable? AutoCad? Maybe I'm obtuse, but the niche market will never make a Win 8 tablet successful. What's the "killer app" that will make Joe Public clamor for this?
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Most importantly is: It's PORTABLE!
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I feel like the Windows tablet market will lend itself to interesting form factors, rather than the traditional 10-inch slate. Everyone can agree that hardware-wise, the ASUS Transformer Prime is a great product. Imagine that dock bookended by the wealth of productivity software inherent to Windows.

Granted, they'd have to find room for an x86 chip in that chassis. The potential however, is undeniable.
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Hells yes! I'll either be getting one from Nokia or Dell to replace my Original iPad. Cant wait!
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I am ready. I hope all the accessories makers are ready. MSFT often miss out that part of their ecosystem.
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