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July 24th 2014 1:37 pm

Are you running the OSX Yosemite Public Beta? Share your thoughts!

The OSX Yosemite public beta is currently live to the public [1], and if you're one of the lucky ones who got a code I'm sure you have it installing already. Dana has been kind enough to give some thoughts and opinions on the new OS[2], so now we're curious what you to say. If you were one of the fortunate ones to get the beta key, how are you like the big changes so far?

I personally will not be signing up for the program since I don't want to run into issues with any unsupported software.

[1] www.engadget.com­/2014­/07­/23­/public­-beta­-for­-os­-x­-y...
[2] www.engadget.com­/2014­/07­/23­/os­-x­-yosemite­-preview/

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It ended up taking me 18 tries across 4 different wifi networks (all of which are solid) in order to even get it downloaded.

Now that it's installed, I like it, but I've found that it has a hard time keeping a consistent wifi connection. My connection has been all over the place. My Adobe Creative Cloud products all seem to work as well which is a big bonus for me. I've also found that scrolling performance has been greatly improved in the browser. In Mavericks, it still felt like the software was trying to catch up to the hardware and on the 15" Retina Macbook Pro, it was really evident in scrolling performance, or really anything that utilized graphics power. With Yosemite, many of those issues seem to have been at least partially resolved.

Haven't had much intensive usage thus far, but I'd say it's relatively solid for a beta.
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Same here with all the Adobe CC products (and Chrome :D:D) working!
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I've got it and I've had no problems with incompatibility, although safari is slightly laggy. The visual redesign is amazing and the team at apple continues to perform. Surprisingly stable for a beta but some thing look like they are still to have a redesign before the full release. For example the icons that appear on the desktop when you plug in an external hard drive or flash drive. And the icons for certain file types look out of place. Overall it is amazing and really worth the update.
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Installed the Public Beta two days ago on my Mid-2013 MacBook Air. No problems to report. Love the design and especially love the new Safari and Spotlight Search.
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Hey Frank! I've been running the Public Beta for a few hours now and I love it. Had Mail and Safari crash on me once but other than that I have no issues!
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I've been with it since DP1, but I finally got a second MacBook to run it on (for $199 no less!).
It's been alright, though it has a tendency to beach ball like crazy every now and then. Not as much on my SSD equipped Mac's though.

What's impressive to me is that it is still supporting our first iMac from 2007! Great to have support for an "older" model that still works just fine.

Interface wise, I'm in between. I'm one of those guys who loves Snow Leopard and sometimes wishes it back (still use it on an '08 MacBook). But using it alongside my iOS 7/8 running iPhone, it looks great and fits in with the rest of Apple's ecosystem. And that's the key here. Merging more of iOS to the Mac feature wise and visually. The new messages app along with iOS 8 is wonderful, being able to send SMS from your Mac through your iPhone is simply awesome. Same goes with calls. Continuity looks promising if you have a Mac that supports it.
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Installed Yosemite about 3 hours ago. Loving the fresh coat of paint but that's all I like so far. Only problem I've had is when I closed my Macbook and opened it up, a scrambled webpage that I had on was all over the password screen. I was still able to log in and I haven't run into another problem since.
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I was planning on installing it on a secondary hard drive but the install went wrong and I ended up with the best on my main disk... A lot of bugs needs to be squished. It looks nice though
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that's what happened to me too, i partitioned my hard drive and installed it on my second drive and now I can't boot to my Mavericks partition, but luckily all my files are there and all the programs I need for work are functional, so I lucked out with this one!
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Installed on my Mac mini this weekend. Overall impressions:

  • I do like the overall design. I've never been a fan of skeuomorphism, so it's nice to see everything become a bit more unified and clean. Not everyone is going to like it though, but hey!
  • Spotlight search seems a bit more useful. I know people were worried about Alfred, but it does so much more than Spotlight that I don't think we need to worry. Plus, stuff in Spotlight like maps and Wikipedia stuff is helpful and compliments things fairly well.
  • New iTunes seems nice!
  • iCloud Drive also seems nice. I'll probably end up using it a lot more now since it's better integrated into the OS.
  • I think I like the change to the system font (Helvetica Neue), but it looks really horrible on non-retina screens right now. Yuck!
  • WiFi constantly disconnects from my Mac mini. Definitely a Yosemite bug since this never happened before. But once ever hour or so, Yosemite will drop the connection. The only way to restore it is to turn off WiFi and turn it back on.
  • Accessing SMB shares are still ridiculously, outrageously slow. Basically status quo since OS X 10.6 or so.
I'm cautiously optimistic about Apple's new Photos app and can't wait for them to roll that out.
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Hi all,
I've been running it on my primary Macbook Air, which i use for my business.
I took the risk and backed everything up just in case and so far it has been perfect.
I'm sure there are bits that will be tweaked and changed but I've noticed no problems so far.
Safari has had some lags but since the beta2 that seems to have gone. And there was some lag in opening outlook from minimal as well, but that seems to have been fixed pretty quickly.
Really looking forward to the finished product, but it's not let me down yet. About 4 - 6 weeks now i guess.
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Working Great on my 2013 Macbook Pro
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Installing on a spare mac that I have...probably going to regret this.

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Been running the beta since last night, and I absolutely love it! Not sure if I'll ever be going back to Mavericks at this point! It honestly feels really close to a finished product. The only issue I've really had was when it went to sleep it wouldn't wake up properly, so I restarted and now it's fine.
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I'm working on a list of software compatibility in Yosemite, so feel free to pop on over and see what's working/broken and request software that I've missed. http://allappletalk.blogspot.com/2014/07/program-c...
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Running Yosemite on my new Mac Pro w/ 512 SSD drive... Mail is very slow , Lots of Beach Balls, 5 crashes is 3 days, but I love the look and feel.. Should be good by Oct.
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Installed Yosemite Beta on a separate partition and found beta to be slow. Also my bootcamp partition is gone. Have removed Yosemite and wait for final version.
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I've been using it for about 5 days and so far, so good. The only quirks, if you will, is sometimes the mouse click doesn't register only when closing a window, and the only app that is buggy is Jing, a free screenshot tool - it just flashes the background when taking a shot. Other than that, it's good.
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I've been running it since Friday and so far been amazed how polished it is for a beta. Aside from some hiccups using airplay display it's been running pretty flawless. I did have a hard time with drop down menus being too transparent and overlapping words from the app beneath so I turned on increase contrast in accessibility and now I actually think it looks better. I've even noticed that wifi is connected when I wake from sleep on my rMBP which always had to reconnect when I'd wake it up using Mavericks. My only complaint is the grey background on the dock.
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I don't like the steps necessary to forward an email as a blind carbon copy *BCC). It used to be very straightforward and you could easily forward a piece to as many recipients as you wished. Now, it seems, we need to click on them one at a time, then retrace the steps and select another recipient. I hope they revert to the old way. Jude Gardner, Omaha
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Anyone missing the old Spotlight? For some reason I find that the new centered and enlarged Spotlight box is so intrusive.
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I agree. I just want to type in my search item my way. Please eliminate the clutter.
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So I'm having major airplay issues. My Macbook Air's audio automatically connects to an Apple TV on any network I'm on, preventing me from listening to anything through the speakers or headphones. It's horribly annoying. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Yes. Major problems. It's completely impossible to disconnect from the AirPlay display (the Apple TV). This is a minor inconvenience in some respects, although it means anything else trying to connect to the Apple TV to mirror a screen (i.e. an iPhone) gets instantly bounced off again. But the audio thing is a real problem. Again, impossible to disconnect from the Apple TV as the sound output, however many times I attempt to select internal speakers. Only way round it is to turn off Wifi (not practical) or disconnect the Apple TV from the wifi network. Let me know if you find a solution!
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Is your router a non Apple product? I discovered that on my home network (where I use an AirPort Extreme), I don't experience this issue.
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Interesting. It isn't - haven't a way of testing very easily at the moment but will let you know if I have a similar experience. Finding this beta generally pretty buggy with wifi esp where signal is slightly weaker.
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Same for me cant disconnect airplay audio output!!
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I've been having the same issue. Turning off WIFI to use built-in speakers is a pain, but if i plug in a pair of headphones, it works fine with WIFI on.

I'm using a 1st gen Airport Express running 802.11n only. Anyone else find a solution?
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oops!. Guys need a lil help here. Ive downloaded it about an hour ago and its not picking up my wifi networks (wifi is on but networks are not showing). any ideas?
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Been running Yosemite for a few weeks now on a Macbook Pro 13 Retina (Late 2013). Downloaded and installed with no hiccups. Only incompatibility found is with Boom. Make sure your MS Office is up to date else excel won't load.

Love the look and feel and new Sherlock that opens in the middle of the screen.

Problems when using:
  • Mail is very choppy and crashes a lot. I connect to 10 mailboxes - maybe it is battling with the work load.
  • The built in camera disappears when I close the machine. Have to reboot to get it back. Annoying as I use Skype a lot.
  • Safari is sluggish and I had a few machine freezes when having a few tabs open but not a hassle as I use chrome as main browser.
  • When running safari and chrome, phpstorm has redraw problems.

Overall I am happy with it. It feels like a Mac again and not like Mac wanting to be PC to entice the darkside users to switch.
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So far the only major problem I've encountered with Yosemite Beta is the loss of the built-in iSight camera on my iMac. No matter whether I try to use facetime, Skype, photo booth, etc. I get the message that "no video capture device is installed". The same message appears in the system profile.
If anyone else has experienced this or knows how to fix it I would love to hear from you!
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Just an update. I just installed Yosemite Beta 3 and still no fix to the isight camera issue. VERY frustrating.
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I installed Beta 1 and it runs fine. Everything works fine. No problems so far. Recently, i installed the Beta 2 and my WiFi stop working. I mean, i can connect to WiFi networks but there is a unsolvable problem with the name resolution (DNS). So, this happens on all my Mac's i upgraded to the Beta 2 (4 of them). So, was forced to go back to Beta 1. Everything is working fine again.
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