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July 2nd 2009 9:43 am

Are you still using your XBOX?

The XBOX 360 may have surpassed Microsoft's original XBOX, but the XBOX is still a worthy competitor in the home media centre stage. With XBOX Media Centre (XBMC), the black monolith becomes the veritable Swiss army knife of media players and outputs at 720P to our HDTV. Playing music, movies, tv shows (the latter being upscales to 720P) and all controlled with the media centre remote. A cheap viable alternative to Boxee running on AppleTV!

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I was until ricently. It has been replaced by an apple tv and boxee. It might be setup again at some point.
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I haven't used my xbox in a while. I used it pretty religiously about 2 years ago when I got it, to mod it. I don't have the HD hookup so it looks pretty crappy when hooked up to my HDTV which hinders it more. Since I have my computer next to it I've taken to using XBMC on my PC instead.
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I am, absolutely! A great media centre. It helps that I've not yet got an HDTV so I'm not bothered about 720 vs 1080.
Plus it's good for the occasional gaming session - Burnout Revenge, Black etc...
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Im still using the original xbox to play games like forza. No reason other than I cant afford/justify the cost of the latest consoles. I have it lined up for a XBMC insatll at some point.
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Same here, the XBOX was one of the best investment I did with a console.
I use her almost every day as a media center, and she's has been recently connected to a debian home made Nas Server. Pretty sweet I have to say.
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I just reinstalled to the latest Auto Installer Deluxe 4.0 last week.

now I've not got any games on, and i'm sticking with Movies and TV eps. XBMC ftw o/

Bought it about six years ago for £130 and it's still going strong - more than can be said for my second Xbox 360 which is now a glorified paper weight.
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I'm still using mine from time to time as a media player (XBMC). My 360 is now doing most of the heavy lifting media-wise these days, and I'm actually thinking of passing the old black beast on to a friend who could make use of it.
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Me too, XBMC kicks ass, fitted mine with a new 500GB harddrive, hooked it up to my network and I have my whole library on it. If you can pick it up cheap, do, it's the best value media centre around
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Same, mine has a 500GB hard drive with tons of movies, connected to my network / Internet. I think it surpasses the PS3's abilities as a home theater appliance, but I am eager to see when people begin hacking the PS3 on that level.
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Since I no longer can pay cable co's ever increasing prices, the xbox with XBMC has become my families main form of entertainment. I really wish dev would continue on this big black box as I think it has a lot of untapped potential still.
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I had the Xbox Crystal back in the day, and sold it when I got the 360....haven't looked back since.
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Unfortunatly mine just stopped working at some point and I didnt care enough to get it fixed.
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I use it nearly daily as a media player. XBMC is awesome, and is the reason I bought the console in the first place. I don't play games on it as much since I got the 360, but the BAED is where I go when I want some retro gaming. The ability to create a favorites list and do save-states makes a lot of the old games so much more playable. The S controller is hands down my favorite controller yet.

I haven't yet set up the console for high-def since I don't have an HDTV, but I did pick up a frozen cable for free with my last mod-chip purchase. So VGA output is now an option as well.

This unit will be in use for a long time to come.
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I use mine primarily as a media center, and I'll still occasionally play games on it. I love it, but It's starting to show its age a little, particularly when trying to handle higher resolution files and those encoded with newer, more system-intensive codecs (mainly h.264). I'm also starting to look longingly at other systems that can do streaming content, like the Boxee on Apple TV.
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Yes, but only for XBMC, and then only as a universal emulation console, as my 360 is providing pretty much all the media center functionality I need these days. I've been looking into buying an Ion/Ion2-based nettop to replace this as a TV-connected emulation machine, but maybe I'd be better off just getting a better after-market case for the XBox hardware, since the machine itself is so wonderfully optimized for that role.
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Have used it for XBMC for 2 years. Popcorn hours do not support RMVB, looking into apple tv as alternative.
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Mine is still set up right below the Elite 360 (matching black cases). It doesn't get used nearly as much any more but I prefer it to the 360 for playing Xbox games and it's a great emulation box.
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I haven't used mine in probably a year and a half.
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I only use mine for XBMC, but it is great for that!
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I basically use mine as a dvd player in the guest bedroom. If I had more free time I would like to finish playing the 20 something games I never finished beating.

It is modded with XBMC and it use to get heavily used in the living room via a network cable that ran to the bedroom. I remember watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation streamed from my computer to the XBOX.
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Nah. Once in a while I'll play an old game on it, but I usually have to fight with it to keep the CD tray closed. I close it, and it spits it back out.
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I have moved on from using it as a media center since it couldn't do HD. The 360 and Blu-ray player carry the audio/video torch these days. XBMC was the shit for its time. We will never forget.
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Hacked it to run XBMC. Cut the controller cord in half to add USB ports. Want some sort of wireless controller...
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I loaned mine out to my mother's school where she works.
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Yep, still use it. Mostly for NCAA and Madden 2005. (yeah, its been that long since ive updated my game consoles. Sad but true). I am a little sad that guitar hero never came out for xbox
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Unfortunantly I havn't touched mine since I got my Xbox 360
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Still using mine to play old games and watch DVDs, am looking up the discuss.gdgt.com­/microsoft­/xbox­/1st­-gen­/tips­/i­-mod... thread right now
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I used XBMC for the longest time...It is now replaced by my Xbox 360 using the Media Center Extender feature...keeping all of my movies/music (any media) on my main server in the room, attached to it are 2 TV Tuners to record HD Content and it all comes to my living room with a superb interface (Windows 7 will bring even better features)
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I used to play my Xbox all the time, until it crapped out on me. Star Wars Battlefront (1 and 2) were the best games ever! One day, VERY SOON AFTER the launch of the Xbox 360, it died. I heard from many other people online that their beloved XBrick did something similar. Does anyone think that maybe it was made to die out so people would upgrade?
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XBOX & XBMC rocks!!!! I have all my videos & photos collection on them. Operate it using a XBOX remote controller.
Sometimes still turn it on when my nephew came over to play Star Wars Legos...
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I'm still using mine as loaded up with XBMC though its beginning to show its age. There is quite a lot of hd content that it just can't keep up with and even simple things like real time de-interlacing can cause it to stumble. Looking to upgrade to an ion based nettop with a linux base and XBMC, probably towards the end of the year.
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XBMC all the way. Although now it is being used as a secondary machine since I have got the WDTV. Still use it for gaming though. Sure the games are not new and "state of the art", but there are still some great titles out there and you can pick them up used for next to nothing.
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Still use it almost daily as a media streamer with XMBC haven't played a game in a long time. Would be nice to have Boxee on there but that hasn't happened yet. Would like to replace it with a Home Theater PC that is low on energy consumption that hooks up to bittorrent and has a large harddrive.
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I use it for old game emulation like NES and MAME. I also use it for XBMC. I think Frogger is topping the list of it's daily duties.
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Don't have much use for it now I've got a 360 and Wii. Shame really, as it's a pretty awesome machine and just collecting dust in my brother's room now.
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I haven't used mine in a few years since I got the 360...I still can't bring myself to get rid of it though. I modded it and I've basically got the entire catalog of NES, SNES, and Genesis games on it so I keep telling myself I'll bust it out for some of those from time to time...
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It's my kid's DVD player right now, but I still pull it out occasionally for some "old-school" halo fun or to replay KOTOR for what seems like the 10th time. Still frustrated that you can't control movies with the controller - kids are ALWAYS misplacing that dang remote!
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I wish I still had my original Xbox. I'd love to play Fable again.
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I still play games on it. I plan to turn it into a media server but at the same time see no use in having one.
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Just picked another one up yesterday to put XBMC on it for my kid's birthday present; works great to stream media off of my computer for him... Plan to pick up a couple of more to have around, not like I can't justify $20-25 here and there :P...

I have a 360 on my tv, with my son's xbox on the tv next to it; I can do my thing, and he can watch movies on his... works well :)
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Yes! With XBMC, my Xbox serves as a media center for the family.
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Mine's still going strong and gets daily use with XBMC and the occasional original XBox game.
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Only use mine for XBMC, DVD drive is dead, so I must rip to server first, not gonna fix the dvd, Probably replace it soon with a Mac Mini and Plex( XBMC for mac),
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Use it mainly for XBMC, Playing DVDs, but just Played House of the Dead 2 with the light guns recently - had a layer of dust on it. Love that game! Still works like a champ Moded some wireless Mad Katz controllers w/ RadioShack remote light switch to power the XBOX on and off via a center raised logo before the 360 came out and remember telling an XBOX hardware engineer how I did it on a flight out of Redmond while he played my PSP. :) Increased HD size to 120GB and it increased performance over the stock HD. No mods to the 360's.

Most older XBOX games run on the 360 in EMU, but achievements aren't implemented in XBOX Live, which is sad. :(
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I used mine as a media center for quite a while, but with the codec support improving over time on the 360, I've been using it less and less. At this point, I can't even remember the last time I turned it on.
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Still love my XBOX running XBMC - use it more often than my Wii.
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im using it as an xbmc, i think anyone who still owns this modded it
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XBMC on Xbox was revolutionary for me, that was in 2004! Five years on and it still sits under my TV :D

Excellent hardware, and excellent software. Just goes to show how good things could be in an open hardware world. M$ could have given the xbox the same functionality but withheld it because they wanted more to push media centre extenders.

Shame. I would have easily shelled out >$100 for xbmc, if they had wanted it.
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I would be using it still but I bricked it during an XBMC update :-( Just tossed it out two weeks ago after storing it for three years with grand hopes of repairing. Now I'm using an old Mac running PLEX and Boxee for my media center needs.
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