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August 4th 2009 1:34 pm

As a camera to take out and play around with

im looking at this camera to use when i go out to clubs and just generally out and about. I do do watersports aswell so the waterproof functionality will be used. I just wanted to hear peoples thoughts about it and how well the flash works.



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We're looking at this camera for three reasons:
1) it's green (my wife likes green)
2) the underwater capabilities - it's snorkeling/wet environment safe, we're not scuba divers so 10 feet is OK.
3) as a keep-in-the-purse camera for my wife for those times when the cell phone camera isn't good enough, but you don't want to carry the Panasonic megazoom that we usually use.

Will it get the job done?
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Well, I just bought one to take around with me, and play with underwater, as my Fuji S100FS doesn't like water. Not had much of a play yet, but it feels pretty solid, takes some good shots, and gives you reasonable control under "Manual" mode.
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Bought one before a beach vacation. Pictures are acceptable. Durable camera that is inexpensive and gives you the pictures that you would miss without such a device. Be careful in the ocean, it doesn't float!
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