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February 2nd 2014 1:24 am

Asus G50V plugged In, Not Charging

- Asus G50V
- Not Under Warranty
- Replaced Battery about a month ago with Asus G50V Battery
- Clean the Circuits to battery
- Screw Down The DC Port Under Inspiron Sign Inside Computer
- In one post it said to reset the battery settings but not AC settings.
- Removing and Inserting AC Adapter -- In Sexing Style -- Which Is Temporary Working For Me.

One day after all was good the Plugged In Not Charging came up (AGAIN). I came up to a post to keep removing and inserting my ac adapter in my computer in sexing motion until it starts charging. It always works for me. And charges up 100%. I never let my battery go to 0 cause of hardware circuits. This is a Temporary solution to cause its still something wrong. Im suspose to plug it in and leave it charging happily. should I buy a new battery? how about the battery on the online website:

Does anyone have a solution to this problem ,thanks, and sorry for my bad writing.

Im willing to fix anything hardware wise because im techy.

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I recently experience a similar type situation. I removed the battery, plugged the adapter into my laptop in and booted, then reattached the battery and it worked again, no issues since.
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you can sent an e-mail to zhe webmaster--http://www.laptoppartsonsale.com/
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