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February 27th 2012 1:04 pm

Asus padfone!

I speak the truth! I predicted this only a few months ago!

A phone that can be used in a tablet shell and further in a laptop shell! Asus is first to market with this, arguably not going to make any real money off of it, but this proof of concept like device is the future in the grow smartphone, tablet hungry market. Another company like Sony, HTC, Apple, Motorola needs to make a copycat to popularize this idea, but I'm sure this will grow in popularity since the churn on smartphones and tablets is so high.

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Ummmmm, this was first announced almost 10 months ago:

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Already on my ironic "want" list!
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How Cool is it Speaking to a Massive Phone?
Hmmm anyone who puts a phone with a 5" screen up to their head to talk is likely going to laughed out of ... well you know. Reminds me of the early cell phone days. :) Might be good for the old timers though!
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