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September 13th 2012 8:09 pm

AT&T 2 Line Plan - Only 1 Eligible for Upgrade

My wife and I have a 2 line AT&T Family Plan. I buy the latest iPhone every year. She couldn't care less which phone she uses.

Somehow this is the first year I've been ineligible for upgrade pricing on the new phone. My wife's line is eligible, however.

I'm thinking I can just buy it for her line, then swap the SIM when they arrive (I know it's nano-SIM vs. microSIM, but I'm handy with an exacto knife).

I called AT&T to verify this would be okay (because I am mental) and they said I'd have to call them with the IMEI numbers and they can make the switch without hacking the SIM cards.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Why wouldn't my cutting my 4S' SIM down simply work? Do I really have to involve AT&T on what's sure to be a clusterf--- of a day on their phone lines?

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I have quite a bit of experience with AT&T customer support, and they can indeed switch your number over to "her" phone. You have one upgrade - they don't care at all who uses it.

Just call them, give them the IMEI # of the SIM you want your phone number associated with (the one on the new nano-SIM), and give them the IMEI # from the micro-SIM of your old phone and your wife's phone number.

Should be a piece of cake.
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Thanks for the info.

A coworker told me just to activate the new phone in my name once it arrives. I purchased online at Apple and paid the subsidy price (for my wife's upgrade). I guess I'm still not getting if/why I have to involve the carrier any further.
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i would call the carrier just to be on the safe side.
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Cutting down the SIM won't work as the new SIM card is not just smaller but also different so yeah I will have the same problem actually.
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no need to cut the sim card etc. Get the phone under your wife's number, when it arrives, call AT&T and have them link the nano sim to your number (change it from your wife's number), activate her phone (even tho the screen will still have her number), once activated, the iPhone 5 will be under your number, you will notice that your old sim card will stop working.

It worked for me this way ;)
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