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July 1st 2009 10:23 pm

AT&T Alltel takeover?

Anyone know when this is going to take place? AT&T bought Alltel from Verizon and I am an Alltel customer in ND. I was just wondering when Alltel will close and AT&T will open a store in ND so I can look into an iPhone.

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I did not even know at&t bought Alltel. Last I knew Verizon bought Alltel. When did this AT&T Alltel thing happen? Second what benefit would AT&T receive from buying a CDMA carrier?
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Sorry, i meant to say that AT&T is buying alltel from verizon in several regions, particularily in the midwest otherwise verizon would have a monopoly in these areas. I was just wondering when AT&T will start showing up in these states if its taking this long for Verizon to take over Alltel. Any one know?
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AT&T picked up the pieces that Verizon couldn't due to government anti monopoly laws. The benefit is towers, backhaul exe.
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Yeah, Alltel had a bit of divesting to do in order to seal the deal.
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Oh, wow. This is an interesting turn.
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Ok that is what I thought was AT&T just got a small part for Alltel because of anti trust laws.
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AT&T has bought more than just in the Midwest. In general, more rural areas have been bought (small areas in VA have been bought). My guess is that it will probably take as long (at the max) as the Verizon takeover, roughly 10 months, just because it's the same deal and process, just less customers.
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Verizon is buying out the Alltel Arena here (en.wikipedia.org­/wiki­/Alltel­_Arena) in Little Rock, Arkansas. It'll then be the Verizon Arena.
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Yes, Verizon did buy alltell, but in some areas, verizon can't buy alltell because they would have a monopoly, so in these areas Verizon sold those shares of Alltel to At&T. I was just wondering when AT&T will be finished taking over Alltel in my area so i can get an iPhone?
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It's crazy how many people drop a comment on the bottom of a topic without reading through the previous comments. Is there an echo in here? What's the point of posting on these forums if we don't actually communicate? We just like to hear ourselves talk...(deep breath.) Ok, rant over.

I've never been able to get a straight answer from the Verizon or Alltel reps around here. I know there's some sketchy areas around here that Verizon will not be allowed to take over, but I never heard about AT&T taking those areas - the Alltel guy who seemed most knowledgeable about the situation said that Alltel would retain control in those areas - there was never any mention of AT&T. But I guess it's true: www.telecompetitor.com­/att­-buys­-alltel­-assets­-from... (although it doesn't affect my state.) However, I do see one glaring problem that will have to be worked past (previously pointed out by jdwusami): AT&T as a carrier uses GSM tech, while Alltel uses CDMA.

This could actually be an easy fix, although easy doesn't mean soon. Apple is rumored to be coming out with a CDMA iPhone for Verizon early next year, once their exclusivity contract with AT&T lapses. If this rumor is to believed, then that will solve the Alltel problem. Verizon says their transition is supposed to be completed by "fourth quarter 2009" but I can't find any date for AT&T's transition. My guess is sometime earlier next year. Good luck!
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You know, this is funny, this is a year old. I live in Minot, ND, on of the take over areas for AT&T to Alltel, and it still hasn't happened yet, but Verizon will have the iPhone before this actually happens.


Meanwhile, I just want a Samsung Focus.
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At most, AT&T could absorb their spectrum and maybe their customer base. They could not absorb their hardware though. CDMA vs. GSM. It just is not possible.
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Alltel Wireless was purchased by Verizon Wireless. The last part of the conversion will happen on July 11 when the accounting system is converted to Verizon. About that time all the Alltel signage will come down and replaced with Verizon signage.
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If you do a google maps search for Alltel, you can call the stores in your area to find out if they will be moving to Verizon, to AT&T, or doing something else.

If they say they are moving to AT&T, ask them when you can get an iPhone.
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Verizon bought Alltel I do believe
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