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January 3rd 2010 9:36 pm

Availability in Canada?

I suppose we'll know in a few days, but is there any word on the Nexus One making its way to Canada, perhaps via Wind Mobile?

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I contacted Bell, Telus and Rogers' press contacts. Telus and Bell don't talk about future products for competitivness (exact same wording for both... BelUs anyone?)

And Rogers said that they have nothing about that phone yet so I guess they just did not look into it. Their phone scavengers will probably get on it after the buzz of tomorrow.

So for now, we are left in the dark... or eBay.
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I just asked Wind Mobile's PR, let's wait...
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its GSM and unlocked so the easy answer is yes it is available for over $500
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I'm guessing what Mhaddy is asking is if we can get it with a contract for a lower price tag...

Still no answer from Wind Mobile.
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As per standard protocol, we Canucks get screwed again. Yes, it will work if you have an American buddy ship one over (at full price). No, there are no Canadian providers/discounted price contracts for the next foreseeable future. A friend of a friend of a guy who works at Wind said maybe a year
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yes, i have reliable sources (as reliable as anyone at a Bell or Rogers store at any rate)
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Wind is on 1700 / 2100 bands.
Rogers on 950/1900

The new spectrum that was auctioned off to many, including Globealive, Dave, and Quebecor, is on different frequencies than what went before.
That means that phones for other carries will not be compatible ( yet).
As more phones come out with these frequency choices, this will change.
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The Nexus One won't work on Bell's, Telus' or Roger's networks but Wind Mobile is apparently in talks with Google to bring the device to their AWS network: www.androidincanada.ca­/android­-phones­/wind­-nexus­-o...
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With all due respect. The Nexus One does work on the Rogers edge network. I received my Nexus One yesterday and with some minor config setup was up and running in 5mins
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But why would you want to run a Nexus One on EDGE?
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Mine should be coming by mail from the states any day now. What config setup did you need for Rogers?
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This is disappointing, we Canadians get ignored again for a frigging phone. What the hell is this all about? We didn't get any Android for around a year, we didn't get the iPhone for a year, nor the iPod for that matter. Why does this always happen? We get shit LAST every time, then when it releases here, nobody buys the damn thing because everyone that wanted it bad enough went on eBay or got locked in a contract with a new device. If it released in Canada same day, it would get crazy sales because just like people in the States and the UK, we like our gadgets.
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It's true. When it comes to getting new products, Canada gets treated like a doormat by American companies. I guess 30 million is just not a big enough market for a country of 300 million. It's even worse with cell phones because we have a wireless monopoly up here. Bell/Rogers/Telus have the market sewn up so they feel that they can dictate the terms and tell us what phones we can buy on contract.

In order to get a Nexus One I had to buy it off contract ($$$) from an American online store who fortunately have a warehouse in Montreal. (Not everyone ignores us Canadians) Wind Mobile was very helpful in getting me set it up on their 3G network (which is way faster than Rogers). I'll be kicking Rogers to the curb in another month or so.
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Like the "Hot on the heals of poor sales..." - bit, snaky MotherCorp :)

"Hot on the heels of poor sales estimates in the United States, Google is launching its Nexus One "super phone" in Canada. The company announced that as of Tuesday, Canadians can order the Nexus One from its website."
more: www.cbc.ca­/technology­/story­/2010­/03­/16­/google­-nexu...

Just checked Google's Nexus site yesterday, looks like it up - no mention of Wind yet though - just Rogers :(
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