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July 3rd 2009 4:00 pm

Back Light Mod.

I remember getting half way through modifying one of these with a back light and royally messing up.
It took me a few weeks to fix it, but the result was very awesome.

The sad part is 2 months later they announced the new SP model with built in back light.

I still think this was an awesome gadget.

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I loved my GBA. I was SOOOO excited about it being launched back in the day. I even had GBA wallpapers on my PC and stuff. Sad I know ;-)

It is a shame the screen wasn't backlit though. Is it hard to do? I'm guessing it is if your messed it up :-P
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Does someone know of a guide on how to add a backlight? I would like to give it a try
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I have an "afterburner" model, but I purchased it that way from a wonderful chinese import site a 6-7 years ago that got shut down by UK officials if I recall correctly... anyone remember the name of that gig? That site also had a kit version... that pdf would be what you need.
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I finally remembered: got it straight from lik-sang for an extra 20-30$ normal, was black too, which wasn't available in the states. Just got it off my shelf, still works fine, pokemon yellow was in it, hehe.

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