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Back when I had the Nexus One on Eclair (2.1) I ran into the "Low on space" issue and it was slightly aggrivating.

I don't remember it being this bad though. I have 2.2 on my Dell Venue and it literaly freaks out anytime I install anything. I have 12.31/14.82 GB free on my sd card, and 53.66MB free in phone storage. I shouldn't be getting any alert what so ever. Sometimes unmounting and remounting the card works, other times I have to reboot.

This is completely inexcusable however. I shouldn't be plagued by such an aggressive bug, and cross versions, cross devices. Google really needs to start working on usability issues and spend less time on new features. Remember the SMS bug that lasted for years? I am a huge fan of Android. I've been a fan since they announced it, made mockups a couple of years ago of Android on a PSP2, spent the past year learning Android in college. Right now I'm trying to find a job as an Android developer. I love the OS, but this is ridiculous, and as a fan I feel I have the right to say, WTF Google?!

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I'm not sure what causes this issue because I used to run into it with my Nexus One about once a month but only when I was actually low on space. I feel like it may have something to do with temporary files created/stored by apps and the browser. I found that if I cleared out the browser and downloads, things tended to work a little bit better.

Also, make sure to actually shut down the phone once every few days. I got that advice quite a few years back when I was in high school and I find that it is still applicable today. Smartphones tend to like getting that fresh start.
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