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May 7th 2012 4:23 pm

Bad user experience with book samples

Is it just me, or is the user experience when dealing with free samples on Kindles pretty terrible? I'm not sure if it's the same on the Fire, so let me know if it's different. But here's how it works on the e-ink Kindles.

You find a book in the store that you want the sample for, so you download it. Great. You read the sample and get to the end, and there's a link to the store to buy the full book. Great. This is where it starts going wrong. You now have both the sample and the full book on your device. When you go to open up the full book, there you are on page one. You're on your own figuring out where in the book the sample ended. Now, you have to go delete the sample, because you probably don't want it cluttering up your list of books. But when you go to remove it, you get an alarming warning about permanently deleting it forever, like you're doing something that wasn't expected or normal. It's the same warning you get when you delete a file you put on the Kindle yourself, and in that situation it makes sense. But here, it just makes the whole process of going from sample to full book feel less polished.

Why can't they make it work like iBooks? When you buy the full book from a sample, the sample just becomes the full book, and you're right there where you left off.

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It's the same experience on the Kindle Fire. It's one of those kinks that Amazon really needs to work out.
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I know this is really surprising because its an Amazon product. Everything else on the kindle is fluid, book samples should be to.
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