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July 7th 2009 7:11 pm

Bag recommendations?

Am looking for a new gear bag and interested in recommendations. Have played with a couple in stores but all are a bit small. Ideally want something portable and comfortable for walking around towns, short hikes etc, quick on the draw, and enough space for the 5d2, 24-105 f4, one or two additional lenses, a flash, and a few filters. Suggestions?

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Go with the Lowe Pro SlingShot 100 AW its 69.99 from Costco.com. Not to small of a bag some room for extra lenses and its a sling with easy access.

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Thanks will check it out
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I think, for the gear Amb is talking about, that you need to go up in size one step to the LowePro Slingshot 200 AW. I have one, and there is (just) room for a 20D (almost identical in size to the 5D) with the grip, 24-105 f4 (with lens hood attached) or 24-70 f2.8 (with lens hood reversed), two smaller lenses (i usually keep a 30/1.4 prime and my trusty old EF-S 17-85 in there), and a flash with mounted omnibouncer (420EX, but I think a 580EX would also fit). As for smaller items like cards, filters etc., there's lots of additional room for them in the side pockets.

I love this bag, it really works well for me, but the one thing it won't accommodate is longer telephoto lenses. It won't, for instance, allow me to pack my 70-200 f4. If i need that, I use a LowePro Mini Trekker AW instead.
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I have a Lowepro fastpack 350 and it is just perfect. You can check it out on youtube.
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Crumpler makes wonderful bags for cameras. You should look into that if you haven't already chosen one.
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Definitely check into Crumpler, they've got some awesome bags.
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Thanks all. I have played with a few and settled on the Lowepro 100. My other lenses aren't that big (yet) and it seemed like the right size tradeoff at least for now.
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That's a good choice. Also, camera bags hold a decent amount of resale value so when you decide to move up to a new bag, it's not that hard to sell an old one.
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Amb -- can you comment on your choice? I'm looking to carry about the same as you: 5DII; 24-105 attached, hood reversed; maybe a Speedlite 430; and maybe a 50mm lens. Are you happy with that choice, or did you get something else?
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Short answer: it's big enough but only just.

Longer answer:

The camera with 24-105 will fit fine, but not with the hood reversed. I put the hood in the front pocket, with the case for my 500D close-up lens inside the hood (you could also put filters in there). Then in the main compartment there's room for my 24-70 (you could easily get a 50mm in there instead), and in the top pocket goes my 430EX flash and the battery charger.

Finally I can get a leg of the Gorillapod through one of the funny little loops on the side.

Hope that helps
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I own the Lowepro Slingshot 200AW. It's great! It its my 5dmkii, 24-70L with hood reversed, two speedlites, two pocketwizards, cf cards, card reader and extra batteries quite comfortably. It's slides around quickly for easy access, is light to carry (I wear it as a backpack on my scooter), has a weatherproof cover that is quick and easy to pull out. I highly recommend!
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Yeah, I'd say Lowepro Slingshot 200AW also. I use one for hiking and as my only camera bag actually. I can get my 40D, 550EX flash, a 28-135mm zoom with reversed lens hood, a 50mm 1.4, a 18-55, and a 100mm macro in there plus all the little extra cleaning stuff, wires, cards, rain bag, charger, etc. If I rearrange a little, I can put my Tamron 70-200 w/reversed lens hood in the center slot, body and short lens to one side and still have several lenses and a flash elsewhere. (and all the extras) You could probably cram an extra flash or small-medium lens in the top if you had it protected pretty well and didn't have a bunch of extra stuff in the top pouch.

It's easy to get into the camera (center slot) and 2 lenses worth of storage by just swinging it around with out taking it off.

You can also add on extra pouches (point and shoot size or bigger) and a 32 oz. water bottle mesh pouch for hiking.

The next size up is about as large as a full backpack so unless you want even more space, the 200 is great!
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This is a nice small bag that I use: www.amazon.com­/Tamrac­-Explorer­-DSLR­-Camera­-Black­/d...

They have a couple versions that are bigger and could fit more lenses. I keep my camera with an 18-55, 55-200, extra battery and charger, extra SD cards, my iPod, and lens hoods in the bag. For you I might suggest one size bigger.

These would probably suit you a little better: tamrac.com­/frame­_ultrapros.htm
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I love Crumpler. That is what I used mainly to carry my 5D. I have the Six Million Dollar Home. Here's my typical carry:
5D2 with one of my lenses attached
50mm 1.4
Sigma 12-24mm
Lensbaby Composer
Speedlite 430
battery charger
mini USB cable
moo cards
extra CF card
Flip Mino

That all fits in there fine. So it can definitely hold a lot.
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Take a look at the ThinkTank Urban Disguise bags.


I have the UD 40 and can fit the 5D2 with 70-200 f4 and 2 other lenses, plus room for CF cards, flash, etc. I can even fit a netbook in the interior pocket, and it's not very bulky at all.
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The bag you need depends on your lenses and other gear, plus whether you want to carry your computer (and what type).

In addition to all the good suggestions above, take a look at Kata (www.kata­-bags.com/). They make a bunch of great bags that meet most needs (I have two I love) and they also have a pretty good bag chooser.

I have the R-106 (big) and the 3N1-20 (smaller). But, that's just two of a ton of choices. Enjoy.
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