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July 18th 2011 7:55 pm

Before the end of year, which touchscreen OS will win 3rd place?

iOS and Android are both competing for 1st place, but there is a second battle for 3rd place going on between webOS, QNX, & Windows Phone 7.

By the end of 2011, who takes 3rd place?

My vote is for webOS.

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I haven't been keeping up with the numbers, but based on my brief experience with the three OSes and pending products coming out, I'd say Windows Phone.

Using Windows Phone is a really cool experience. I think out of all the OSes out today, they have the most unique, clever approach to how a mobile OS should work. Microsoft also has a ton of hardware partners that can churn out a lot of devices on all the different carriers, so they have a pretty far reach. Once Nokia starts shipping their phone(s), their reach will be even more vast.
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While I would like it to be WebOS, the realist in me says it will be Windows Phone 7. I think it will depend largely on whether or not either of them can attract that large segment of the market that is "first time smartphone buyers". I am convinced that this segment of the market, though, does not consist of people who care one whit about the OS. They assume a certain level of base functionality and choose their phones based on hardware. By those metrics, Microsoft is in a much better place than HP to attract their attention. That may change if HP licenses WebOS to other companies who have better ideas about hardware design.
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I'll say Windows Phone 7, it's really cool and fluid and since they alliance with Nokia, their future is guaranteed.
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