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December 24th 2013 2:51 am

Best apps that don't require wifi?

So I am cheap and do not want to pay for a data plan with all the hotspots around the country. With that being said, what apps are the best for those of us penny pinchers?

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I suppose it depends on what type of apps you are looking for. Realistically, I think your best bet will be games and camera apps. Lots of games allow offline play, like Angry Birds, Color Zen, and SpellTower

Camera and photo editing apps can also pass the time if you need
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As far as GPS apps go, I love CoPilot for Android. Accurate navigation and the maps for entire continents are stored on the device, not data dependent. I love it!
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Like others have said depends on the function. As for me being a poker player as my primary source of income. I use Poker Income daily to track my cash and tournament play.
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In this ultra hyper connected world I completely understand you. I have been trying to get as far away from data and my personal business and information being in the cloud. Some people don't care and others balance that risk with the fact they feel they need that connectivity. I don't have a dependence on data, but it is sad that they continuously push data connected apps. For me Games and utility apps seem the best. Your calculators, unit conversions, and notepad. For games, I can't post to boards for high scores but all of my games work offline. I have some pretty good ones too.
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Nokia Maps on the Lumia. With precached details of course
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I agree, it'll have to be mostly games. One of the first games I installed and is still there is Bejewled. I just love this game! I play it almost everyday.
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It depend. For music there are many apps that save your songs online. There are many of them that can save your video so you can watch it later offline.
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Try AppGalaxy.net
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