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March 18th 2014 7:47 pm

Best Bluetooth Speaker

Got these speakers from Amazon, where they are a bestseller, at a cheaper rate: amzn.to­/1iSBk8Z - I am a professional synthesist, sounds designer, composer and have been dealing with professional audio for a very long time...I can say without ego that I have pretty good ears. I just received this Bose device and I am astounded...really...no joke. Everything everyone has written is spot on.

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Bose have always been one o the stand out names when it comes to portable speakers, they have a world class reputation for producing amazing audio equipment and the Bose SoundLink Mini lives up to that reputation with ease. If you don't want to take my word for it just visit Madame Tussauds and have a look at the ceiling and you'll find the Bose name proudly displayed on their sound system. To make a long story short - Bose Bluetooth speakers are among the best bluetooth speakers you'll find anywhere period.
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Yes they are extremely astounded. I have recently bought Bose Bluetooth speaker and one new Bluetooth shower speaker from www.amazon.com­/exec­/obidos­/ASIN­/B00GMOJVOY­/abcotec... . Outstanding sound quality and easier compatibility with great features at reasonable price, grabbed my attention towards them. I think Bluetooth speakers are great substitute of long cable speaker and we can hear music everywhere even in our bathroom.
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