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May 22nd 2013 1:22 pm

best browsing app for ipad

Well I'm using Safari pretty much but ... A lot of times I use UC Browser because of advanced Functionality


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I like to use Safari because I was having issues with Chrome not caching pages. It seems like whenever I move around tabs Chrome has to reload the tab, something I see less frequently with Safari.

That said, I still have Chrome on my iPad in case someone wants to use it to log into their accounts.
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I use both Chrome and Safari. Safari for general purpose since my iPad is frequently borrowed by family and it is usually the default when you have an app jump to a browser. There may also be a psychological or actual advantage with Safari since it is "hard" installed and made by Apple so that it may be faster or more efficient because of closer integration between it and iOS and the hardware. Safari also syncs bookmarks AND currently open windows/tabs across all your Apple products. Chrome OTOH syncs bookmarks across all as well, but it includes windows machines. Chrome also has an incognito mode... So since its not so familiar with the other borrowers of my device, I tend to use it when the sites I visit are more personally customized to my purpose.
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I prefer chrome, because I use it on my PC and Mac and everything syncs together. I'm thinking safari may do this as well though.
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