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February 14th 2014 1:11 pm

Best Camcorder for Capturing Sports

My question is this...What video camera / camcorder is best for capturing sporting events up close and personal. My son shares the same passion for sports as I did at his age, and not only do I capture memories....I want to be able to edit video for training purposes. Why? Sports for kids aren't what they use to be. My son is becoming a good athlete, and more importantly...he loves football, baseball, and basketball. Given this, I need a gadget with a wide lens and great zoom capability...what do people use to record football games when they're in the stands so far away?
1st question I've posted on this site, so please bear with me and try to answer like you're explaining gadgets to a three y/o please. :-) Although I'm new to all the technical terms, I love capturing video and photos. Thank You...any help is appreciated. :-)

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To clarify, if you aren't a great athlete....training camps, agility/speed training, and yes, tools like video, you don't have a chance....he works hard he's exactly where he needs to be, but I need to do more as a dad to empower him to succeed as an athlete/leader...not a stuck-up jock! :-) (like I was)
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