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February 12th 2013 9:56 am

Best Cameras for YouTube Recording

I want to know about the best cameras or camcorders for YouTube recording. Also, do you guys suggest those flip cams for recording. I mainly need itfor shooting iPad App reviews and stuff.

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Pretty much any HD cam should do a decent job of it; a Flip cam is serviceable and cheap, and many of the high-end cellphones aren't too shabby (especially our Must-have models). If you're shooting directly at the screen, though, it might not hurt to look into a digicam with a little more oomph. The camcorder market is softening, so look to see if a DSLR might do the trick, if you want to spend the cash.
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Tell me something about DSLR... I saw Canon 600D... what requirements do I need for sound. I am a basic editor and I cannot do professional level sound corrections and stuff. Do DSLR cameras come with Good sound? Do they support an external microphone.
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It might help to get one that supports an external mic. Our camera specs may not always indicate it, but it should generally be noted on the official site if a particular model has a mic jack. Problem is, these cameras are more expensive.

I do not know if the 600D has a mic jack; it's not indicated in the official specs. Some pricier DSLRs do have one, but at those prices (thousands of dollars) you might be better off just getting a camcorder that you know has a jack.
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