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January 3rd 2014 8:30 am

Best core strength training iOS app?

What are my options for core strength training apps on iOS?

I am interested in using my own body weight, free weights and flexibility; more than pounding strength training machines

I like this book a lot but would love something similar in app form


any ideas

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I recently saw a post about FitStar, it might be what you're looking for. It has a yearly subscription but a lot of the stuff looks similar to core + body weight exercising. If it's anything like the Nike+Kinect game then it will certainly help. You wont get incredibly strong but you will notice improved endurance and overall better strength.

We're going to try it out after we move and have more space for workouts. Just hoping it supports AirPlay so we don't have to just watch it on a small screen.
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Thanks Frank,

I went ahead and downloaded it and subscribed for a year ( hopefully it will force me to do it .. If I know I spent good money on my fitness regime ) I figured $29.99 is like buying a fitness book.. But I "sort of" get a personal trainer thrown in..

Pretty cool app. And it airplayed from both my iPhone 5S and the iPad Air to the Apple TV just fine.

I have a Fitbit Force on the way too, which I can connect to this app as well.

Along with Runkeeper App..

And I am tracking nutrition with Lose it App..

I think all of the above can be linked together.. Into a mega pile of health, fitness, sleep, and water intake data.

And the Garmin Forerunner for GPS running and cycling data..


Let's see if it all amounts to getting into shape .. Or is information overload.. I'll post my findings in a couple of months .. Once the fitness honeymoon is over..

"You can't improve what you don't record" right?
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Knowing it can do AirPlay will certainly get us to buy it then. We love the Nike+Kinect but some of the work outs get super redundant so having another option will be nice.

Please give an update in a week or so and let me know what you think!
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I have to say that Fitstar: Tony Gonzalez is my favorite app right now! (bearing in mind, that I am focussed on getting healthy and fit again.. with a plethora of apps and gadgets, tracking and logging activity and nutrition)

A slick UI design, compliments a cool workout experience. Aimed exactly at people like me who are "getting moving again".

I enjoy running and jumping around much more than counting out bicep curls with the veins in my temple pulsing.. This app is definitely focussed on simple cardio and core exercises more than weight training.

I like that it learns your weak spots and challenges you to work harder at what you find easier, by using the feedback that you give during the workout. (Simple "too easy" "just right" "that's brutal" buttons, pressed after each set, let's the app know your ability and future workouts are modified accordingly)

Tony Gonzalez is a great coach. His voice prompts are well timed and rarely an annoyance. Exercise is hard enough (if you have been slacking like I have..) and an annoying voice trying to "encourage" you, as you gasp for air or tremble at the 9th push up... is the worst.

Gonzalez doesn't "coach" too much and keeps it fun by switching up the types of exercises frequently.

No exercise equipment has been necessary yet (so far, I have done:- 1 fitness assessment and 7 fitstar sessions in since Jan 4th).

I have done Fitstar workout sessions airplayed to the Apple TV from both my iPhone and iPad. At the gym, with my iPhone and a pair of bluetooth headphones. And in my basement on the iPad with a bluetooth speaker. All of which were fun!

Disclaimer... I am a miser; especially when is comes to paid iOS apps. so coughing up the $29.99 for the premium version (all workouts unlocked) was not an easy one, but.. and I am glad I did! The 7 x 30 min workouts that I have done to date, have easily paid for themselves already..! A personal trainer or a core strength training book would have cost the same or more... and I am subscribed for a year.

There is also a "freestyle" area, where Gonzalez keeps adding short workouts, (Octoberfest, Movember, Alpine Blitz) and a fun, seasonal way to grab a 15 - 20 min workout outside of your program (some of which are free for non premium users).

Finally, it connects to my Fitbit Force, logging time and calories burned and correcting any steps taken in the time period of the workout at fitbit.com.

I have my Fitbit connected to Lose it (nutrition tracking app) which in turn, adjusts the amount of food I can eat, based on a comparison with Fitbit data. Lose it assumes an average day of activity and Fitbit lets it know "Hey I have been running and did a killer Fitstar workout today too! (I like a beer and good food.. so now the more Fitstar workouts I do, the more tasty treats I can earn)

So far, after two weeks of Fitstar/Fitbit/Lose it tracking and activity I am down three pounds..

This app is exactly what I wanted, core strengthening exercises designed to tone and better equip a body for activity using your own body weight, that seemlessly connects to the other apps and gadgets I am playing with to help me be healthier.
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Thanks for following up about this, it sounds like it's pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to when I can try it out.
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