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August 5th 2014 9:52 am

Best desktop chat client for OSX?

I've been a long time user of Adium and it's pretty good at doing it's one job: acting a central point for multiple chat services. However it's pretty long in the tooth in terms of updating. The last one was in May 2013, and before that it was December 2012.

Is there any modern client now that is good at handling multiple services, including Google's Hangout service? Adium does XMPP but the Hangout integration is pretty medicore and doesn't pull in group Hangouts. I would switch to Messages but I don't like the mixing of iMessage in there, and frankly the look is just as dated as Adium.

And before the jabs come in, I know it's superficial to judge a piece of softwares performance based on how it looks, but if it can't bother to keep it's overall look moving forward can I trust it to keep up-to-date with newer features?

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Have you tried Google Hangouts through Apple's Messages? It is pretty disappointing. If I am chatting with someone while at work on hangouts and then go home to my MacBook Pro, I'll have notifications for the incoming messages, but nothing that I sent appears in the chat pane.

TL;DR Apple messages doesn't sync hangouts that you had on other devices
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Adium is the same way, and I mentioned above I don't like iMessages mixing it. I think this is more of an issue with Google's API support.
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Have you heard of Flamingo? Seems like a pretty interesting chat client specifically designed for OS X. However, the price of entry is kind of steep. It's $10. It's been on my radar for awhile, but I haven't pulled the trigger just yet.


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I've been thinking about it, but I can't find out if it supports group Hangouts yet. Also no AIM support, wtf!?

Dammit, XMPP only which means no group chat. Stupid Google!
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