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July 4th 2009 4:06 am

Best Earphones Under/Around $100

I think anyone who loves music owes it to themselves to find a good set of headphones. There is so much out there and so many people stop their search as soon as they see the name Bose! Don't get me wrong, I think Bose puts out quality products, but there is just so many other things out there. As for me, I own a few sets of headphones that I can offer some info on if anyone's interested. Otherwise, you can hop over to head­-fi.org for infinitely more information!

Alessandro ms-1
Sennheiser PX 100
Yuin ok3
Head Direct RE2
V Moda Vibe

What do you guys have? What do you like? What do you think are the best headphones for under $100? Love to hear what people are listening to.

FYI, the Yuin and Head Direct models are IEM/earbud type earphones respectively. They are less expensive and sound better than the Bose in ear phones if anyone is wondering.

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I've got some Westone UM1s, that I scored for just a hair over $100, and I'm a big fan. Comfortable, isolating, durable as hell, and while the treble leaves a little to be desired, the mids are smooth as butter.
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Tried the V Moda Vibe - They work well if you get the foam earbuds. Reasonable isolation and good range.

Currently use the bose in-ear and like them the best. Very comfortable (most important for me), very good range, not great isolation.
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Another vote for the Westone UM1. They sure beat the crap out of these Bose "in ear" phones.
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I would agree, but my right bud stopped working on me. Really big disappointment.
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i really enjoy the bose ie headphones . . . the fit is amazingly comfy . . . sounds is vary good too . . . and i know its odd but i love the cable not too stiff
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I has two pairs but the wire striped on both. I'm happier with my cheep creative that are more durable.
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Although I went "big-spender" and got myself a pair of Shure SE530s this spring (which I absolutely love), I used and thoroughly enjoyed a pair of Etymotic Research ER-6i 'phones for more than 2 years. No earth-shattering bass, but excellent clarity and soundstage, and very efficient. Excellent sound isolation with customizable tips. You can get these things for around $100 (ok, maybe just a bit over) at amazon or other online shops. My wife is now using them and she loves them. Highly recommended!
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I'm currently using a pair of Shure SE110's that I got for $40. They sound great and the foam tips block a crazy amount of sound, so I can have the volume nice and low while still being able to hear.
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Glad to see people thinking outside of the Bose box.
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Just bought a pair of re0 from Head Direct. They are a marked step up from the re2 and the best iem's I have. The sound compares very well with full sized cans.
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