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January 2nd 2012 6:30 pm

Best (native) 1080p Projector for under $1000?

So im in the market for a projector that has a native resolution of 1080p, and would like to spend under $1000. 3D is not important to me (I have it on my samsung TV and hardly ever use it). The projector will mostly be used for watching movies (Blu-ray), and playing video games (xbox and ps3). So far the most reasonably priced solutions I can find are the Optoma HD20, Viewsonic Pro8200, Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350, and the Vivitek D950HD. Im pretty set on a 1080p projector, and want it to have a good contract ratio and brightness.

Also, how many Lumens is bright enough? I would like to use it in ambient light and not have to much wash out. Is it worth stretching my budget to get a brighter projector?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Hi, have you made a selection yet? If not, I strongly recommend the website www.projectorcentral.com. I think their review of the HD20 points to it being one of the best 1080p ones below $1,000.


They used to have a single article listing a summary of like 10 1080p projectors under $1,000 but I can't find it now. In general I'd say ~2000 lumens (actual, not stated on package) would be plenty bright for what you're describing, and you won't need to go above $1,000 to get that. Also think about whether you'll want horizontal lens shift - the ability to correct horizontal keystone. I didn't think I needed it because I could mount my projector to the ceiling anywhere I wanted, but it turns out it's difficult to get it exactly aligned to where the middle of the screen is, and horizontal keystone adjustment is something I wished I had held out for.

Also check out their always-evolving list of the top 10 home theater projectors, there are some listed in your price range: www.projectorcentral.com­/home­-theater­-multimedia­-p...
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