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August 1st 2009 2:58 pm

Best phone I've ever had... until now.

When this phone first came out, I wasn't really into it because they said it was a mobile phone that could play games, but once it came out and had to justify the high price they said it was because it was a portable game player with phone capabilities. ANYWAY, after the price went down, I got one of these puppies in my pocket and boy was I glad.
This phone was way ahead of its time with personalized ringtones, and LOUD loudspeaker, and extremely customizable. Got some skins going, got a new hellfire cover and it was the awesomest phone in the world.
There have been only 3 phones I've wanted in my life (I've had more, but none I really cared about).
My first one, a chunky motorola, just so I could have a mobile phone (this in '99), then the N-Gage that lasted for 4/5 years (everyone was rockin 3g multiple camera-phones and I had the best one with no camera). Until now, when I bought my G1 and couldn't be happier.

If you have this phone, treasure it. Dependable, customizable, and just generally awesome.

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I agree with every word in this post. Literally. This is almost the exact same story as me. Started just wanting a cell phone, got one. Then wanted the N-Gage. I got it for Christmas one year and used it until I got my G1. Sure it had flaws, but it really was a great phone for it's time, and even today.
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We need the sidetalkin' action back.
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Yeah, it wasn't without its share of problems, but if you wanted a phone that could play mp3s as ringtones that you could hear even if you're on the other side of the house, that you could listen to music and could still play some games while riding the train, there was no better phone than this.
I still remember everyone playing with the 6600 and the first nokia camera phone (can't remember the model number) and I was rocking my "gage". Awesome piece of personal history.
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I had this when I was so young. Before, I'm not into it but later then, I enjoyed having it. Suddenly, I have to give it away just to have a Sony Playstation Portable. Although, N-Gage has lots of features, especially the games which I used a lot, I sure do enjoy PSP more now!
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How were games and such on it?
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Well, considering it was launched sometime in the early 00's and we're talking about a mobile device, the graphics and game speed was quite acceptable.
Asphalt was pretty good and the snowboarding game that came along with it were pretty high on my list. I mean, it doesn't compare to any of our present portable gaming systems, but it wasn't designed to only play games anyway.
To compare graphics on something you might have seen, imagine when Hexen II came out, but on a smaller screen. That was basically the resolution on it.
In the end, it was a good mix between both realms for a mid-end device. Specially if you installed a high capacity MMC card.
Hope this answers your question
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