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November 22nd 2013 1:20 pm

Best places to StreetPass

This past June I bought a 3DS XL, which I share with my boyfriend (I don't commute much anymore so I don't really need my own portable gaming system). Though I bought one mainly to play games like Animal Crossing, the included minigames that work with StreetPass quickly became one of our favorite features -- and probably more of a time sink than Pokémon. We even bought the additional games, like Mii Force and Warrior's Way.

Of course, none of these games work without StreetPass tags -- luckily, living in New York gives us a constant trickle of tags on our system. But, we can always use a boost, and have found there are certain locations that are sheer goldmines for StreetPass tags:
  • Conventions. This is our #1 source of StreetPass tags. I took the 3DS to San Diego Comic-Con and was probably clearing something like 200 tags a day; I would clear it out only to have it start blinking again immediately, filling up within a handful of minutes. Fear of missing out on tags made it hard to do anything, which is why going to panels was a godsend -- I could enjoy the panel, while having the advantage of sitting in one place to clear out the StreetPass queue. Generally, the only games I bothered loading, though, were Puzzle Swap and Warrior's Way, since those are the ones that benefit the most from sheer numbers of people.
  • Stadiums. We can usually pick up 5-6 tags at a game, maybe more. And if it fills up, you have the above advantage of sitting in one place and being able to clear it out easily.
  • Nintendo World store. Yeah, this is an obvious one. Generally you can get 5-10 tags here, plus it's a Nintendo Zone.
  • Tokyo. Okay, this isn't accessible to most of the people reading this, but I just got back and when you travel there it becomes really, really obvious that the 3DS was designed with the Japanese market in mind. We got a lot of hits while riding the subway there, walking down the street, and there was a constant stream of people outside Yodobashi Camera Akiba on Saturday with their 3DS units. It was hard to tear ourselves from that spot.

Between all these places, we've managed to finish up all the Puzzle Swap images (including the Pokémon X/Y one, which we finished in a day at New York Comic Con), accumulate over one million troops in Warrior's Way, and our geographical maps are looking pretty good -- we have 45 of 50 states, plus large chunks of Europe, Australia, and (now) Japan.

What are your favorite places to StreetPass? Have you ever gone places you normally wouldn't just for the StreetPasses?

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I went to a convention once and I found it stressful to keep up. I was hitting the 10 person cap every time i closed my 3DS

My favorite place is actually to go to McDonalds for breakfast 1-2 times a week and i usually get 3-5 people because they are all nintendo zones

I guess where I live isn't as high density as New York, but I am a quarter of the way into finishing all the puzzle swaps
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The 10-person cap is the worst.
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I know. I was literally stressed out walking around trying to clear aut the queue as fast as possible selecting puzzle pieces and such. I actually had to put my 3DS XL away at one point to actually enjoy where I was
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I thought it was actually an 8-person cap?
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No, it's 10.

(And the caps for individual games vary by game. Animal Crossing is 20, Pokémon is 99)
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I'll add that this week McDonalds was where I got a streetpass with the "Special Mii", US Olympic Snowboarder Jamie Anderson

I would be interested to know what other Special Miis people have obtained, and where
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I still haven't gotten into the Street Pass thing, but this discussion makes it sound intriguing.
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Nintendo Zones are usually the best places for me, I don't live in a big city, although I make regular visits to San Francisco. I can walk by or into a Starbucks and usually get 3-5 people, under normal circumstances I don't buy coffee from Starbucks very often. I've been to a few conventions and those are the best for a massive amount of Streetpasses. I got 200+ just from one day at PAX Prime this year. The only downside to conventions is you're usually so tired of doing all the games every 10 minutes, that you usually end up skipping a few of the more time intensive Streetpass games.

My boyfriend and I both have a 3DS and what we did at the conventions was split up the Puzzle Swap pieces. I worked my way from the back, and he worked through the first puzzles. That way we both collectively have all the pieces, but now it's just a matter of getting them when we Streetpass from now on.

I did make a last minute decision to go to PAX Prime for one day mostly for the Streetpasses. It was a fun vacation, and with only one day, I was under no delusions that I'd get to try any of the games. But the Streetpasses were probably the most memorable thing from the trip.
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Riding the subway in New York is pretty effective for StreetPass. Of course, it's not nearly as StreetPass heavy as Tokyo, but it still does the trick over a longer period of time.

Another thing I do is walk through Penn Station on the way to work, as there's usually at least two or three 3DS' in the vicinity. This will probably work in any crowded train or bus station.
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The only place i can ever get a Streetpass Tag is if i go to McDonalds and use the Streetpass Relay Point. If i go somewhere big, Like a Race or sports game, then i get a few.
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The best place for me to streetpass is to go to one of my group's meet-up event's. My group is called Streetpass Somerset County NJ.
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