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December 23rd 2013 4:40 pm

Best printer for 4 x 6 photo printing *with* bluetooth?

Question: What is the best printer that meets the following specs:
  1. Portable, must be able to run on battery if no power is available (OK - that's a fantasy, but not ALL that important)
  2. Prints/utilizes 4" x 6" photo paper
  3. Bluetooth connectivity included.
  4. Android app *and* iOS app for taking, editing and printing photos directly to printer
  5. Will withstand printing HUNDREDS of photos
  6. Won't cost a FORTUNE to run [would rather pay more for printer for cheaper operation]
  7. ... and yes - I'd love to use a ZINK printer for simplicity, but ZINK paper is outrageously cost-prohibitive.
  8. Photo must withstand being laminated

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