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December 30th 2012 4:43 am

Best protective case/cover option for LG Nexus 4?

I was quite impressed with the 16GB Nexus 4 that i've been using for the last few weeks...until I dropped it. The Gorilla Glass back is now quite cracked and damaged (Damn!). I'm about to get on the phone to LG to try and sort out a warranty repair/replacement. Can anybody on here recommend a good/great quality casing/cover that would prevent this from happening again?

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I haven't received my Nexus 4 yet, (UPS is scheduled to deliver it Monday Jan 8th)

However I have looked a lot into this. I opted for the Rearth Ringke Slim case, and for the front the Skinomi Techskin protective film.

However if you are looking for more protection, the ionic guardian armor case seems to be the favourite among users
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The sleekest case is by Rearth (I have the white one), but if you're looking for more protection, then you probably want to go with iBlason, or some other case that covers all areas.

The Rearth is certainly the most pleasing, but it leaves the top and bottom edges exposed, and it's not made of TPU rubber (like most others are), but plastic instead. With TPU cases, more shock is absorbed upon dropping, but they're typically a little thicker.

You can also look into "bumper" cases. I know that LG makes a custom one (but it's expensive, like $20), but Poetic makes multicolor ones too. However, Poetic's Nexus 4 case isn't the best quality, the rubber edge tends to start peeling away from the plastic component after some light use.
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I have had really good experiences with the Seidio line of Active cases. I work as an auto mechanic and can tell you first hand my old Galaxy SII still looks brand new when I take the case off. They are a little thick but offer really good protection. The Active series from Seidio is a little thinner but still looks like it would protect the glass if you were to drop it. Both are available with holsters and incorporate metal kickstands.

I ordered my Nexus 4 Friday and immediately after ordered a case from Seidio. With the Nexus 4 they offer an even better protective case called the Convert, not available yet, so I went for the surface and will order the Convert add on kit when it becomes available.
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