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July 15th 2009 3:25 am

"Better than TiVo" ... Yeah, right.

cnet lost all my respect when they declared thins thing to be "Better than TiVo." What a crock!

Two of my biggest gripes:

1. If you press record in the middle of a show, even though the show is fully cached in the memory (meaning you can rewind to the beginning), the DVR will record the show from the point you pressed record, NOT from the beginning of the show. If you want to record from the beginning, you have to manually "rewind" to the beginning of the program, then press record.

2. If you are watching a program on the DVR, and you go back to live TV, the DVR has not been recording live TV as you were watching the DVR'd program. Therefore, if you happen to come in a few minutes in to a program you'd like to watch, tough.

Additionally, the interface is horrible and it lacks TiVo's handy suggestions. I miss my TiVo.

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It's not pretty by all means, but it get's the job done and better then most DVRs out there. If you can't get a Tivo, then this isn't a bad alternative.
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I agree with both of your gripes, but I still love the device. I switched from Comcast's DVR (it was made by Motorola, not sure the model) though and this is a huge upgrade from that. I think the interface is a bit clunky, but over all I do like it.
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It can use a user interface improvement but it has one delightful feature-- it's smart about not recording duplicates of episodes already on your DVR. If only the Tribune guide properly recorded episode numbers and original dates for shows on CNN and Comedy Central, this would be even better. (The Daily Show would be recorded multiple times per day, each one is flagged as new and not noted as duplicates.)
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