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September 19th 2012 11:22 am

Black or White?

Every iPhone I've owned has been black, but after seeing a few white ones in the wild, including my brothers I'm thinking of switching it up for the first time. Curious as to the pros and cons of black versus white for those who have had the opportunity to own both!

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I can't speak for the iPhone 5, but there definitely was a difference in screen color temperature between the black and white iPads. I have linked a post that explains it.

Other than that is purely cosmetic. Go for what you want.

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I owned a first-gen iPad and four black iPhones, but with my most recent purchases (Retina iPad and iPhone 4S) I went white. I have no complaints — I'd been a little worried that the white frame would call attention to itself or lessen the “blank slate” feeling of the devices, but it really doesn't. I think blue or red or something would, but white is still so neutral that it isn't an issue. I'd say go with whatever you think looks nice.

One thing: if you are a two-iPhone household, definitely get one in each color. Makes it easy to tell them apart at a glance!
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I currently have the iPhone 4 which was only in blank at release so I am happy to be getting the white iPhone 5.

I had a white 3GS but it was hidden by the case. I am contemplating not getting a case for the iPhone 5, I rarely used one for the 4. If I don't get a case I will be getting AppleCare+.
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I think black and slate looks better. They just go together better than the white and slate.
Black iPhone 5 FTW
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I have always owned black iphones, but i ended up getting the white version this time around, and it looks great! I have it in my hot little hands right now!
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