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March 7th 2014 12:41 pm

BlackBerry U.S market share is now below Windows Phone!!!! :(

New report published by comScore states that BlackBerry market share in the US is lower than Windows Phone by 0.1%!!!! WTF!? Are you a fan of BlackBerry yet?

SOURCE: www.comscore.com­/Insights­/Press­_Releases­/2014­/3­/co...

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Hey, just a heads up that shortened links like that bit.ly link you posted are against our rules. I've changed it to the full link.
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I can't say I'm surprised by that -- I'm actually more surprised they're still around at this point. They haven't really done many interesting or innovative things lately. I'm sure it's frustrating for BlackBerry fans, but it's crazy to see so many organizations and government entities switching wholesale to things like the iPhone. How did they go so wrong?
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