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July 3rd 2009 7:10 pm

Bose QuiteComfort3, uncomfortable?

After about 40-50 min of using the QC3 I usually become uncomfortable and start feeling kind of headache...
Have anyone experienced the same ?

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I've never really found this, i've fallen asleep with these headphones on many occasions. After wearing them for 10+ hours on long international flights you get the feeling that your wearing them, even when your not but that is probably the case with any over/on ear headphones. I'd say it's well worth popping into a Bose store and trying them on before you buy.

I absolutely loves these headphones they make studying in the Uni mega labs and any plane travel so much more bearable.
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This is a fairly uncommon problem. The Bose QC3's are made of high quality memory foam. I, like harvstylz, have worn these for well over 8 hours at a time (I've just flown in from London to Chicago for 7 hours and had these on the whole time) and never felt any discomfort.

You may be listening to music to loudly (your iPod should be no greater than 1/2 maximum volume with noise canceling headphones) or your ears may be sensitive to on-ear design. You might try to use the QC2's for the over-ear design instead. I only switched to the QC3's because they are smaller.
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is it just with these headphones?? have you tried any other over ear headphones?? have you tried other noise cancelling headphones?? i don't like noise canceling headphones because they give me a headache but that's immediately... when i wear them, it feels like the air is getting pumped out of my ear and it hurts. I know that this is a common problem with noise cancelers

it may also be that your listening to music too loud. i too am guilty but loud music can cause pain/headaches after prolonged listening
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I have these I fell in love with them at the Apple store here in Toronto I actually would just got to the store and listen to them for a year until I could afford to drop 399 + tax on them, yes overpriced, but worth every penny to me, I find them very light and comfortable, love the Sound quality!
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I've tried it at Apple store in Shanghai. Its effect was amazing! However,literally,as you feel, it was a little uncomfortable, it caused a dramming in the ears. It's not very obviously, but I don't know what if after wore for a long time.
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