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bought for next to nothing from frustrated owner.

flashed nexus hd2-gingerbread.

never knew i could get such satisfaction. can i get a witness?

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I swapped mine over to Android as well. It's like getting a new phone. Great hardware held back by a mediocre operating system.
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Isn't Gingerbread also Android? I'm confused.
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Gingerbread is just the codename for version 2.3 of Android. Cupcake is version 1.5, Donut is 1.6, Eclair is 2.0/2.1, Froyo is 2.2, and Honeycomb is 3.0. Basically newer versions just have more features added.
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If you're into the sort of thing, you can also try a WP7/Android dual boot on the NAND.
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I ran android off of the SD/Flash of the phone for a while and it was a fantastic android phone! equal to the Galaxy S imo. So I tried to perform a full and permanent NAND Android flash .... and that's when I got into trouble... Kept getting a bootcycle.. apparently only one other guy on XDA had the same issue... now android isnt possible anymore... so I'm heading over to the Optimus 2X cause once you go Android....
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