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March 7th 2010 7:37 pm

Boxee Box vs. TiVo Premiere

After listening to the most recent Engadget HD podcast (#181), the guys over at Engadget discussed at length the optimal (DVR) set top boxes available. When The Boxee Box was announced, I was convinced this would be my first set-top box (outside of my 360). Now with the TiVo Premiere announcement, I could get a set-top box with DVR capabilities (albeit with a high up front cost of ~$700).

The Engadget HD guys didn't seem to thrilled with the TiVo Premiere. I've never owned a DVR, so I have no past experiences with TiVo. I love the concept of booting up a device and just entering what I want to want, and both Boxee and TiVo will find it for you and tell you where the content is coming from (so you can decide whether to view free or premium content).

I've played around with Boxee on my laptop and the software seems really sluggish (and my laptop is a fairly high-end Windows 7 Dell). The sluggishness of the software makes me second guess purchasing the Boxee Box.

Which set-top box do you prefer?

(and for the record, it seems like the Engadget HD guys seem to conclude a Windows 7 server is the best DVR out there once a specific cable card hits the market later this year. I highly recommend the special edition podcast.)

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