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April 21st 2012 9:08 am

Brick/Candy bar form factor for phone may no longer be relevant

With the rise of wearable tech, smart watches, ipad / slate / tablet ... etc, brick/candy bar form factor may no longer be relevant.

Apple / Google / MS might already have foresee this.
With a 3G slate, it might not be difficult to see user answering call via a wireless headset, if call is still needed. For mobile games, reading and surfing, one might also prefer bigger screen size as compare to current brick / candy bar form size.

When form factor move away from current bar size, apps can focus on 10.1 inch screen size via HTML5. Unless they need to access special sensors of that particular hardware, app might not be required.

Imagine you have a Windows 8 slate in your backpack, smart watch and headset. Windows 8 on brick/candy bar form factor might be irrelevant.
Brick/Candy bar phone might still be relevant in low end market which Tango can handle. Therefore I feel Apollo need not be Windows RT. It might share some codes. However, moving on, that form factor will become irrelevant.

This conversation can be quite controversial. However I think GDGT community is in a good position, for me to discuss it. Thanks for reading.

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