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August 3rd 2009 10:23 am

Buying a Canon DSLR

I am using a Canon Eos 300D at this point, but i am planning to buy a new one. What do you sugest. I was looking at 500d or 5dmark2 maybe. I also read some rumors about 7d(60d). I would like to stay on Canon because i already bought a few Canon L lences, which i would still like to use. I want full hd movies (i think 500d only makes 720p at 30 but i think that is ok). What do you think guys?

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you might regret not going 1080 I was going to take the plunge this week but as apple may
introduce a tablet later in the year I might bide my time for a couple of months


I'd like to use the dslr remote app. but requires a microsoft platform to run on..
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One thing to think about is that if you go for the 5D2, the equivalent focal length of all your lenses will be shifted toward wideangle, which might require you to get some additional lenses to plug any new gap in your lineup. For instance, if you've been using the 24-70/2.8L, on your 300D that would be equivalent to a 38-112, and you might have used it for portraits. However, on the 5D2, it will be a "real" 24-70, and in other words be a bit to short for that use, so you might have to get something new to compensate (which could be far more expensive than the price differences between the bodies).

Since you're still using the 300D, I'm guessing you're not so much into sport photography, so the extra speed that the upcoming 60D will give you over the 500D might not be that important to you. However, you do get a bit better ergonomics, with the extra display and wheel.

Depending on how much money you've spent on cards and batteries, it might be relevant to note that the 5D2 and the current 50D (we don't know yet about the 60D) will take your current CF cards, the 500D requires new SD cards (but then again, cards are cheap today). As for batteries, the current 50D (and maybe the future 60D) will take the BP-511 batteries from your 300D, the 500D and 5D2 will not.
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This camera is the best if you can afford it. I also liked the 50d when I tried it but it doesn't have a full frame sensor. This one has the full-frame 21mp sensor and Digic4 processor so you really can't go wrong even if they release a new camera. I would be wary of buying a new camera if it didn't have a full frame sensor. Since I don't have the money for this one, I'm tempted by the 50d and 60d but I am hoping that when the 60d is announced, the price of the 50d will drop so that I can get it for much cheaper.
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