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August 16th 2012 7:14 am

Buying first Android Tablet. Confused. Need help.

Have figured out that I would want to go for an Android one.

Have shortlisted,
  • Asus Infinity TF700,
  • Sony Tablet S,
  • Samsung Tab 2 10.1 / Note 10.1.
TF700 is high on the price. Samsung is low on battery. Sony's specs are all fine but is it worthy enough?
1280x800 is not bad for me. WIFI is good enough.
My usage would be high on Video (long usage) and Internet (multi-apps).
Am not sure which one to go for.
Can anyone please guide ?

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I have the ASUS Transformer Prime (the one before the Infinity)... if the Infinity is built anything like the Transformer Prime, it's a solid, amazing tablet. ASUS has come a long way from the days of building plasticky PC clones... their tablets (and the Zenbook series) have become the Porsches of Android tablets. You pay a little more, and you get the quality.

I also have a Galaxy Tab 7+ from Samsung...and it's really well put together, a solid workhorse...I heard the Tab 2 10.1 is similar, so also a good choice.

I was very excited about the Note 10.1, but it looks like they effed up the build quality on the machine because of Apple's neutering of their style... so it looks like they slapped some ugly on the tablet to not get sued at the last minute. The results haven't pleased the reviewers.

I have no experience with the Sony tablets, but I do know people that have them and swear by them... so....

If you have the green, I'd go with the Transformer Infinity, honestly.
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Thanks for the input.What about the XOOM you owned ? How is that with the battery and I/O options ?
Only thing that stops me from going for Infinity is its I/O options, without the dock I will have to shell out another 40 bucks to connect anything thats USB to the machine
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The Xoom was (is) a solid machine. It was my first android tablet, and in many ways was like a pure nexus tablet, in as much as it was naked android and Got all the os updates as fast as they came out.

I got of it for two reasons:
1) it was heavy. very heavy. Reading was a chore, actually
2) it had 4G built in, but I wanted to move to a verizon "MIfi" as a hotspot.

Other than that, awesome machine.
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Thanks for the input and time. It was of good help.
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The only tablet of the 4 you've mentioned, that I can see myself using, is the the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. With great hardware, both from the outside look and feel and also under the hood, it is clearly the best high-end Android tablet. But, I don't really recommend it.
I think you should wait for the Microsoft Surface for Windows RT. I know, you want an Android tablet, but I think that the Surface for Windows RT would be a much better choice. That, of course, depends on its price. If it's priced at around $500, which I think it would, then it will surely be a device to think about. If it's priced under $500, then it would be a bargain! If it's over $500, just pass, there will be new Android tablets, hopefully running Jelly Bean, that would be a better bang-for-the-buck.
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Right. Agree with your opinion about Surface.
I would want MS to come out with a clear strategy on its hardware product line. I do not want to get myself stranded buying a MS product. It's clearly not a brand of the highest price segment, they cannot change that (Thats going to be Apple always :P ). Because for the quality of MS (in the past - as with Zune), surface for RT @ even USD 400 would be priced at premium. And also its not very clear about their future plans with tablet 8"/10" sized tablets.

Thanks for your inputs. I will be going for ASUS infinity. And probably my next buy would be a WINDOWS tablet. Hopefully MS has a clear vision this time.
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Android tablet? Go for the Google Nexus 7 made by Asus.
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Am not a big fan of the smaller size display. Never wanted to consider 7.0".
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I would recomend a 8" screen size. It is the perfect balance between portability, weight and viewing size.
To me weight is a major concern as I like to be able to hold the tablet with one hand for extensive periods.
I suggest the Archos 80 G9 (www.archos.com) or the much cheaper Arnova 8c G3 (www.arnovatech.com). You can get a 250GB version of Archos 80 G9 for storing your video files and optionally add an integrated 3G adapter. Check for the best prices at several retailers online.
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Great specs ! I cannot go for this product, more than half of a year I stay in India.
Limited after sales support here. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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