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August 29th 2012 3:39 pm

Camera or a smartphone?

Would this have a microphone and a speaker? I assume in some ways this can be used as a VoIP device since it has Android.

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I feel it needs to have a microphone on account of it recording 1080p videos, and slow mo videos as well. Probably a speaker for playback too
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Nope. Pureview is a Nokia technology. this is samsung
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The microphones (plural for right and left channel recording) and the speaker are NOT in the right place to hold this device up to you ear like a phone.

BUT, you probably could use the device with skype using a bluetooth headset. I don't know if it has a 3.5mm stereo+mic headset jack or not.

This is clearly another step is the convergence of phones and pocket cameras. In a few years we'll see devices that aren't as polarized as this, and a few years more, we'll wonder how we didn't consider the integrated devices as the norm.
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As some of the commenters on DPReview put it, it seems more like a smartcamera. I assume it would be able to use Skype but I doubt many will.
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Haha could you imagine? The camera is on the opposite side of the screen. To video chat you would need to set up a mirror hahahaha
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I'm still trying to imagine people putting these on their faces.
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Right! It didn't even cross my mind there was no viewfinder. Must most people are now attuned to the "smartphone" way of taking a picture. Holding the camera like 2 feet in front of them
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Zach Honig, Senior Associate Editor at Engadget, tried to use the Galaxy Camera as a smartphone (read here: www.engadget.com­/2012­/11­/27­/samsung­-galaxy­-camera/).
To sum it up, the Galaxy Camera has microphones and a speaker so you can use it to take phone calls (through Skype), but only in loudspeaker form, as it doesn't have an earpiece. You can connect a headset.
Because the Galaxy Cam lacks 2G support, it will only work when you're either connected to a WiFi connection or if you're in range of a decent 3G signal. That may not be such a huge setback, as VoIP wouldn't work well on 2G anyway.
It is also a lot thicker and heavier than your average mobile phone, so it is not nearly as convenient as carrying a smartphone, even the large ones, like the Samsung Galaxy Note II or the bulky (by today's standards, at least) Nokia Lumia 920.
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It has a speaker and a mic for recording.
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