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Can anyone tell me if the Transformer's screen is readable outside in sunlight?

I'm looking for such a tablet, but none of the manufacturer's seem to specify the brightness nits in their specs and none of the reviews address this aspect.

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Engadget's assessment of the screen outdoors:

"bringing this tablet out for a walk in the sun proved a real struggle for us. We were barely out the door when it decided on a mirror mode we didn't know it had. Reflectivity from the glossy screen was pretty terrible, even without direct sunlight hitting it -- an environment that was simply bright was sufficient to neutralize all the foregoing good things about the Transformer's display."

Here's a link to the review: www.engadget.com­/2011­/04­/18­/asus­-eee­-pad­-transform...
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Pretty much ever LCD screen sucks outside. I haven't seen one that does, except the Notion Ink Adam's screen but its special type of screen.
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I think this picture basically answers your question:

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Maybe if the picture was taken on center.
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