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Can these do all the functions of the apple headphones? Like Volume Up, Volume Down, Play, Pause, Advanced, Backtrack? The documentation is unclear..

It just says switch from Music to Calls and that it has a mic.

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Yeah, I'm fairly sure they can -- that's what they mean when they say compatible with the iPhone. However, according to the site, it doesn't look like they included volume controls: www.bose.com­/controller­?url­=­/shop­_online­/headphone...
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Thanks Ryan. I found on the Apple site store.apple.com­/ca­/product­/TW409VC­/A that they WILL do Play,Pause,Advanced,Backtrack but WILL NOT do volume control. So exactly like the apple earbubd but with no volume control.
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I have an iPhone 4 running 4.2.1 and they do have full control just like the Apple provided earbuds.
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