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February 6th 2014 2:34 pm

Can this 'Ebay for gadget ideas' Kickstarter really replace the patent system?

I was reading about the life size AT-ST Scout Walker for sale (seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) at www.instash.com­/at­-st­-scout­-walker­-life­-size­-repli... (wow!) and came across this review: www.instash.com­/prediction­-bideas­-is­-the­-next­-big­-...

The journalist calls it "The next big thing", comparing it to Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter... But I'm not so sure. The service wants to take any idea you've had in any genre and auction it to be companies, and replace the patent system in the process. Seriously, the idea of angel investors for our ideas sounds nice, but ultimately this just looks to be a not entirely necessary middleman service.

Anyone want to start a betting pool for when the first lawsuit is filed against this supposed service?

Maybe it will work. Maybe it's cool. $10 - $95 to submit an idea to big companies is steep, IMHO, when you can do it for free yourself, with a bit of legwork and elbow grease.

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Looks interesting. I'd like to see how this evolves. I'd imagine this is pretty useful for people who don't live in big cities and would have a very hard time trying to go to these companies to pitch ideas.
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Good point!
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