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October 31st 2012 3:01 pm

Canadian Launch is a Disaster.

Canadian launch was supposed to be yesterday morning. Turns out Samsung decided to send their shipment of Note II's the day of the launch. Who's idea was that? I had much better service with Apple. People have been calling all of their phone providers asking when it will be released but the employee's didn't even know that it was being released. Some of them didn't even know what it was. A very very small amount was shipped to the store only to be sold to the employees of the stores. Really? I think Samsung needs to make an official apology. Up until now their hasn't been one. They simply stated that they would try hard to get all their stock out to stores soon. All their stock? Don't they mean ANY? Fellow canadians, you can expect another 1 to 4 weeks of waiting for the Note II. This is very disappointing considering I just returned my iPhone 5 for the new Note. I'm not surprised considering my horrible experience with Samsung before I decided to go with the iPhone.

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Hurricane Sandy is a disaster (and may have affected the launch)

I have a friend who was going out to get a Note II yesterday and he was very disappointed. He also told me they messed up on the Canadian launch. Maybe could have been prevented, maybe not.

Oh well. The phone will eventually get here
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