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September 15th 2011 10:42 am

Canon announces the S95's successor -- the Canon S100.

Sounds like this is going to be an instant want list item for me!

From the press release:

When the PowerShot S95 Digital camera was announced in 2010, it received critical praise for having an impressive feature set and superb low-light capabilities. Building upon the success of this model is the PowerShot S100, featuring a host of upgrades making it a must-have for any photo enthusiast. Featuring a 12.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor — part of the HS SYSTEM — this versatile camera has a 24-120mm wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom, GPS functionality and is capable of achieving improved low-light performance of up to ISO 6400. Additionally, the camera utilizes an f/2.0 lens increasing the camera’s low-light performance by allowing additional light to reach the sensor while creating a shallow depth-of-field for portraits with dynamic, soft backgrounds. The PowerShot S100 will also now be available in either black or silver. Other features of this camera include:
  • A large 3.0-inch wide LCD screen for easy viewing of those images and menu options.
  • GPS capabilities where satellites collect data of the latitude, longitude and altitude of an image’s location, which is then stored to the image’s EXIF data. A map utility software is included with the camera to view the locations where images were captured. There’s also an internal GPS logger to track the day’s photographic route.
  • A full range of shooting and recording modes similar to those found in DSLR cameras including RAW + JPEG and a control ring on the front of the camera for quick, manual adjustment of key functions such as ISO, zoom and focus.
  • Compatibility with the HF-DC2 High-Power Flash, which is an optional flash accessory that operates wirelessly and increases the effective flash range up to approximately 30 feet.
The estimated selling price of the PowerShot S100 Digital camera is $429.99 and is scheduled to be available in early November.

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I'm not sure what they changed with the S95, but I've found the S90 a far better no-brainer P&S than a camera which you consciously put in a lot of control with: mainly because the image quality is not actually that spectacularly high. But of course it'd be pretty mean to nitpick that because it's so compact.

Its versatility in full-auto and really awesome image processing (especially in low-light photos) is what I think makes it a winner, not necessarily the sensor-lens combo.

If they have improved that by a notable degree, I'm totally sold. But I don't need the GPS stuff.

I'll look at reviews but in all likelihood I'll get it. That, along with upgrading my NEX to the 7 when it comes out, seems like it for the next couple of years. Along with the X1, that spread should pretty much cover everything I could need picture-wise.
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$430? Seems so much to spend on a point and shoot camera.
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Yeah, it is steep, though this has been the price range of the S90 and S95 as well. It's not your average point & shoot! I think these cameras are more for people who are serious about getting high quality shots and want to learn more (or do more) with photography.

I don't think this is the type of camera one buys so they can document the latest beer bash and upload the photos to Facebook. (Then again, the low light capabilities are so awesome -- maybe that's exactly what this is for...)
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The S90/95/100 is on my very short list of secondary cameras to buy after I make my major camera purchase. I'd get it now for my upcoming trip but I really want something with more range. I'm glad to see Canon isn't content with the 95 and keeps improving on this.
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If my DSLR hadn't been stolen, I would get this right away. But, alas, I must hold off. It's still very tempting, especially with the new sensor and f/2.0 lens.
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The camera looks great on paper and has definitely peaked my interest. If the new CMOS sensor can keep the noise low in high ISO photos, I'm sold.
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