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November 5th 2011 8:42 am

Canon Powershot G13 / G14 (?)

What say y'all about the future of the Powershot G line? I had been expecting the launch/announcement back in September after passing on the G12. Now September has passed, I'm starting to wonder what happened.

If they do decide to continue the line (which I very much hope they do), I'm kinda hoping at the very least for the following features:
- CMOS sensor
- Electronic viewfinder
- Better wide-angle (at least 24mm?)
- Wider aperture (at leat f2.0?)

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Yeah I'm also anxiously awaiting the successor to the G12. I wonder if maybe, just maybe, they are nixing the G13 and working on a micro 4/3 lens type of camera.
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well they did give us the G1X and the EOS M in the meantime.
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This just in (kinda)!

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Yes but the G1X is not a replacement for the G12 if you picked one up and sat it next to a G12 you'd see the difference, then of course there's price and it really has not had rave reviews, a bummer in my humble opinion!
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I too am hoping that there will be another G13 or 14 but there's not even a rumour and we are only a couple of weeks away from Photokina. My G11 let me down on low light on my last holiday so what are the alternatives? EOS M not available till mid October. Sony RX100 great sensor but limited zoom and no swivel screen. Nikon P7700 very nice, small sensor but great lens and good zoom BUT not available till the ed of September!
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