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July 9th 2012 2:38 pm

Canon's T4i - the first touchscreen dSLR

A couple of weeks ago, Canon introduced the T4i (or the EOS 650D, depending on where you live) to the world. It's the first dSLR with a touch screen, and the reviews are raving about it.

You can touch to focus, touch to take a shot, pinch to zoom on photos you've already taken, use your finger to slide through photos (like on any modern smartphone), and you can use it to silently adjust settings during video capture.

Reviewers are hailing this as the beginning of the merge between point-and-shoots and professional dSLRs into a category of cameras that can be simultaneously easy to use for a beginner, but still produce excellent images for a pro.

Do you like this move? Do touchscreen features make this a more enticing camera than a similarly priced non-touchscreen? Share your thoughts.

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I'd love to have an iPhone-like touchscreen on my camera (Panasonic Lumix LX5). There are times when touch to focus could certainly come in handy. Besides that, the touchscreen could make for a cleaner design with less buttons.
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I have a T1i and I don't feel like I'm missing out not having a touchscreen. I think it could be handy swiping and zooming, but I'm pretty quick in changing settings with the scroll wheel and d-pad. If no touchscreen yields a lower price, I'd be happy.
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