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January 5th 2014 7:04 pm

CES redesign of homepage is JUNK

Engadget change your homepage back, the CES redesign makes trying to browse impossible. So far the only way I can use Engadget is to use my iPhone app which still displays in the proper way.

So rather than encourage me to use your website for CES coverage, I'm going to completely IGNORE and not visit.

Money well spent Engadget

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Totally agree. I have stopped reading engadget and now get my tech news from other sources. This site changes more than Facebook does. Frustrating!
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Ugh, now there's an autoplay video. Tried to just suck it up but no. Even temporary, that is just crappy.

It's been a good couple years though, thanks for the fun times.
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The autoplay videos have been going on for some time. I have a script in my browser to remove said videos though.
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can't agree more, will return after CES, can't filter through everything to find items I'm looking for. Maybe they have research that indicates the contrary, but the comment Ryan made "Because no one visits those pages..." might be an indication of how interested viewers are in seeing the articles, so why try and force the issue?

Is there a way to filter out the CES articles? Similar to the other tags (www.engadget.com­/tag/) used to find specific topics?
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I think it looks good. Lots of news on the first page without having to switch through many pages.
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This is a temporary design to better display the insane amount of news that is coming out of CES. The previous layout will return once CES is over.
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Seriously? A separate page really should have been set up. I don't know about others, but I, for one, like to bask in the sprawling mass of easily-readable subject/picture/preview news articles... Part of my enjoyment of CES time of year! This layout is just painful...
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No offense, but why wans't a separate page set up? Like when they had the non-apple page for Apple announcement day? Big logo on the top, "CES UPDATES HERE", click on it and bam...CES stuff.
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None taken. Because no one visits those pages, the vast majority of our audience gets their CES news from the home page, so that's why we focused on the home page experience.
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But if nobody visits those pages, that should say something. Why force it on all of us?
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Apart from the design clearly doesn't display the information any better. It is a confusing layout that doesn't work.

A "CES Hub" link at the top of the page in a big banner which takes you to something that, for example, groups the posts into different categories (automobile, accessory, applicance, portable electronics etc) would be much better. I've always had no problem during CES browsing through the chronological feed of posts.
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This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.


Please fix this mess urgently. Or at the very least provide a link to a traditionally formatted "most recent first" blog page.
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We won't be reverting to a "traditional" format, but the home page is reverse chronological (i.e. most recent at the top). We've also made some changes to improve the experience, like larger images and excerpts.
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Does that mean that this will be the default engadget view going forward? - Even after CES?
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Nope. Dave already said this is temporary, during CES.
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I thought their domain had been hijacked when I went there this morning. Or that I had accidentally went to some CES special page. Yeah, this is really fugly. I don't come here as much as I used to, and now it looks like I'll be coming even less.
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Yea there is WAAY to much crap on the one page. You have different batches of headlines on the edges.. center.. 3 subgroups of headliens in the center.. .WTF.
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