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November 28th 2012 12:45 pm

Chromebook - stand alone laptop or nice way to stay connected on the road?

Having recently purchased my first Chromebook (Acer C7), I've been fielding the same question over and over again. Is it a stand alone laptop for $200 or a tablet with a keyboard attached? So I decided to bring that question to the gdgt community in hopes that some of you Chromebook owners will step-up and share how they use the device.
  • Will your Chromebook become your primary laptop?
  • What are some must-have apps new Chromebook owners need to have?
  • Any notable short-comings with your device?
I've only had my Chromebook for less than 24 hours so I'll be working on a review of it in the coming weeks. Thanks and looking forward to reading some of your thoughts.

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I also have a C7, and while I'd never consider it as a primary laptop, I think it's great for casual and travel use. However, I say this in part based on the fact that I was able to install Ubuntu on it (that's really the must-have app -- or rather, must-have OS!). As much as I like Chrome, Gmail and Google Docs/Drive, and as much as I prefer to live in an always-connected world, I still prefer the flexibility of being able to use desktop apps and work unimpeded when I'm disconnected. I do wish the C7 had better battery life, but it's adequate for my needs, and the power brick is relatively light, so I don't mind taking it with me.
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I'd love better battery life too and thanks for the Ubuntu idea. Defiantly will be looking into installing that OS.
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Quick mention of a Chrome app for anyone with a Chromebook in need of a photo editing solution:

Found it to be a great in-browser editing app that seems to have the same features as Photoshop. Easy to load images and works with Google drive.
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