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May 13th 2014 6:52 am

Cloud gaming - Onlive Cloudlift , Playstation Now etc

Has anyone here used Onlive Cloudlift. I have and I think its amazing. Also anyone excited about cloud gaming in general and the upcoming playstation now.

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I've used the previous versions of OnLive and wasn't entirely impressed with the streaming quality of my games. There were a lot of artifacts and dropped frames.

Granted, I've always been interested in the IDEA of cloud based / streaming gaming that would allow us to play games anywhere, but I don't think we're there yet. I posted 3 years ago about their "upcoming" ability to play games on tablet devices: www.engadget.com­/discuss­/onlive­-shows­-off­-tablet­-g...

Does CloudLift do this now? If so, I might be interested!
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How about current version of OnLive
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Current version of onlive official forum link above.

And their game website below.
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Yes dave cloudlift does allow you to play on tablets and phones too. Also the service is much improved since it is cross platform multiplayer with steam now. Also their streaming quality is much higher since they upgraded the servers and since steam licenses the games while onlive focuses on streaming game releases are consistent now too much better than ol1 era this is ol2.

Also they have mmos now too slgo and warthunder on cloudlift. Cloudlift price dropped to £4.95 in the uk and $7.95 in the usa aswell. They have official forums now too since the relaunch where they post news about latest releases games have been releasing every week for some weeks now.
Link to their official forums
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