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August 2nd 2013 12:32 pm

Cloud storage in the modern world

I will open this with my history. I was an iPhone user, than switched to Windows Phone. I have always purchased devices with more than the default option in order to future proof my usage. I briefly owned an Android device butam curious about Android users use. I live in the Chicago suburbs and have a long commute to and from work everyday, so I cannot fidget with settings while driving.

My question to the community is, who is excited for cloud storage in the days of tiered data plans? I understand the fear of MicroSD cards from the OEM's point of view of security. Do a lot of us pro users (nerdy, techie people) decide on devices with expansion slots or does cloud storage make up for low on board storage?

Personally I cannot stand storing music or videos on the cloud even with fast download speeds because drain on the battery and long pauses between music playing. So I ask all Android users, is cloud storage what it is cracked up for media use, or do you feel the same?

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I'm a heavy cloud storage user for most things non-audio/video. I use both Google Drive and Dropbox on a very regular basis. However, when it comes to audio/video, I always go local. I carry my iPod Classic everywhere I go to get my complete collection on that 160GB beast. If I want a specific song that I don't already have, I may YouTube it. However, streaming audio/video isn't always so perfectly smooth, especially when on the road.
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I have a friend that does this as well. I just think it is cumbersome when using two devices when a smartphone could do it all for media. Saving on space by removing an SD slot is great an all but I would prefer to have an expansion slot over having to use a dedicated media player and a phone.
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I carry multiple devices in my backpack everyday anyways, so I really don't mind. I end up carrying a laptop, an iPad, 2 phones and an iPod. Adding that iPod in there really isn't that big of a deal for me. :P
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Woah! That's a lot of gear.
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If you need to have your entire collection on-device at once, then cloud storage isn't the best option.

I currently have about 25-30gb of music. I realize though that I only listen to a small fraction of it in any month. I may be really in to one band one month, and another the next. If I play it smart, I can keep a small amount of music on my phone for emergencies, and have the rest up in the cloud just in case. I also wouldn't personally download the music on the go, unless I was connected to a wifi hotspot.

I also have an iPod touch for keeping my entire collection handy though, which sort of undermines my argument
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"I also have an iPod touch for keeping my entire collection handy though, which sort of undermines my argument"--- I understand this completely.
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What about services like iTunes, Amazon and Google play which let you buy the electronic item (be it Music, Movies or books) and let you store them on their servers allowing you to either download it or stream it from them. Do those count as cloud storage?

Personally I have a drop box account that I use for moving documents and pictures around not for Movies and Music.

My biggest problem though is the size of my collection I have a few terabytes of media. It’s just not practical at this point to store it in the cloud.

But I do admit to having most of my music in iTunes match and Google Music to make it easier to it. I have also stopped downloading movies that I can access from iTunes. As for my books they are all Amazon Kindle so they are safe as well.

My answer to your question is that no I don’t decide on a device based on if it has an expansion slot or not. I see it as a major bonus if it does but not something I have to have. For me cloud storage does make up for low on board storage.
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The cloud isn't bad. It's certainly not nearly as good and those dumbass Microsoft ads would have you believe, but it's def improved over the past couple years.

I subscribe to Sony's Music Unlimited and Pandora. When I get in the car and just want to go I'll start up Pandora. When there's specific songs I want to hear, I start up Music Unlimited. It has the same channel feature as Pandora, but you can just play an album or an artist or whatever. It takes a minute to start up (on my iPhone 5), but I rarely have issues once the music starts going.

I'm thinking you want to discuss more than simple speed on streaming, but that's what I get the most out of the cloud in today's world. For documents and data I really think it's overrated. How many word documents do you really need to have within reach at all times? Google Drive is pretty good and free, so I would certainly never pay for something like Carbonite or whatever. Most of the stuff I have in google drive are vacation pics I didn't want to upload to facebook or documents that I shared with friends for class or whatever.

Sorry I am not giving you the perspective of an Android user...but you should probably specify the operating system, like Jelly Bean (because of Android's evergrowing shitty fragmentation issues).
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